Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Great Night At The Globe

Last evening was the final Globe Theatre play some friends and I have tickets for this season.  The 5 of us are hoping to become a group of 6 in the autumn when we begin attending the next season of plays.  Soon we will have a dinner meeting to choose which ones we all want to see in the coming months.

Part of the treat of the play evenings is going out for dinner.  Last night we went to the newest Spices of Punjab location on Scarth Street.  I wasn't sure how it would go for me. Their original location over on Victoria Street is a day long buffet and I have not fared well after eating there the last 3 times I tried their food.  Whether the food had been sitting overly long under the heat lamps, or my system is just super sensitive to one of the herbs/spices in their dishes, I don't know, but I was kind of worried about my last night's meal.

Well, glory be!  This new location only has buffet occasionally.  The rest of the time, such as last evening, the dishes are ordered off the menu, so they are fresh and hot and delicious.  My bowl of chicken zal frazi was absolutely delicious!  I had some fresh naan to scoop up the onion and pepper sauce.  By drinking only water I still kept the price of my meal to exactly $20, including taxes and a healthy tip.  I will definitely try this second location again.  I had no bad tummy reactions afterward, just nice warm glowing feelings of well being.  This location also features pasta dishes and pizza, which made one member of our group extremely happy. She is not one for ethnic foods and was delighted by her non-spicy, but extremely delicious freshly made tomato sauce over penne.

After dinner we walked over to the theatre and enjoyed a wonderful performance of old jazz and blues.  The performance is titled "Key Change" and features 80 minutes of popular old songs by 7 black female performers, tracing the history of the genres as changed by their various styles: Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Dinah Washington, Lena Horne and Etta James.

The lead vocalist from Toronto, Nicky Lawrence, came up with the idea and has performed it all over Canada along with her very able back up singers, Eric Da Costa and Aisha Jarvis.  Along with the songs, a brief history of each singer's contributions to the blues and jazz of their era was explained.  The young Ms. Lawrence has a terrific voice and carried the weight of those blue blues songs well. I will be interested to hear her sing in another ten years when her voice matures even more and there is a depth brought about by not only that extra maturity, but by more of life's unavoidable pain. My only complaint, as usual, was that the wonderfully skilled live jazz band that accompanied the performance overpowered the singer's voices just a bit.

What a great evening was had by us all.  

Icing on the cake: a friend from church was there to visit with in the foyer afterward, along with 2 members of the choir I am in. At last I am starting to run into people at public events that I actually know!  Guess I am finally an official resident of this city, haha.

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