Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A New Work Of Art!

Along with this afternoon's sunshine on a chilly day, another blessing arrived after lunch from FedEx!!  

My son has been promising to send us a painting, been promising for months actually, but he is definitely an absent minded creative soul who doesn't remember details very well.  This week he finally got his act together, wrapped up the painting within an inch of its life in bubble wrap, cardboard and tape and sent it along to us.

It is so beautiful.  There are little geometrically perfect squares and rectangles of various, mostly darker colours all over the canvas.  I can't wait to hang it up, but I have to wait until my husband is free this evening to assist.  At the moment I have only gotten as far as taking all the other paintings and photographs off the living room and dining room walls and plotting a better way to arrange them in order to incorporate the new work into the mix.  

What fun~I am delighted and so is his dad.

Thank you son!  We are really enjoying being able to track your artistic growth through the years through the series of art works we have received from you.  It is so amazing to us to see the difference between your earlier works and the present....just think how impressed we would be if we actually understood this kind of art! hahahahaha 

Today "happiness" is spelled: A-R-T!!

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