Monday, April 24, 2017

A Treacherous Spring Day!!

It is 7am and I just woke up to have a look out the window at whatever weather conditions transpired overnight.  Yeah....might as well crawl back into bed!  We have at least 10 cm of snow and the streets are thick with frozen slush.  Traffic is crawling past our place at the pace of snails, so the ice must be wicked to drive on.  Perhaps my husband can do some more of his project research from home today and head to the library tomorrow instead.  He DEFINITELY cannot ride his bike to the university today, parking for our vehicle at that library is incredibly difficult and he will have to park so far away from the building he would be just as well off to don his YakTrax, take along his ice climbing axe and make the whole trip on foot from home.  I wonder if Regina has an alpine search and rescue team? hahahaha  Yup, it is that bad out there for ice.

I have two aching shoulders today.  It is from directing the choir yesterday.  It has been SO long since I have used those muscles consistently for nearly 2 hours that I am actually feeling sore today.  O yay, another joy....the joy of aging! hahahahaha  

Hearing the choir from the vantage point of our director I am very encouraged by how we sound.  Although we have complained a bit this year about a couple of the songs we were given to learn, it was encouraging to hear how we are really doing with those particular ones and I am guessing they will actually be the audience favourites.  Although I am ready for our break over the summer,  I wonder all ready what songs we will get when we reconvene in September!!

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