Sunday, April 23, 2017

Back Out Of Storage....Brrrrrr!!

I am currently wrapped up in my Mark's Comfy Robe once again.  I decided it was easier to lug the standing stool down to the basement and reach up onto the top storage shelves to haul down the bin my MCR was in, pull it out, clean it up and start wearing it again for a few evenings this week, than to continue to freeze in the chilly evening hours.  We have made a temporary return to winter!  Edmonton and south central Alberta have borne the brunt of the snow and ice the past couple of weeks, but now we are getting our turn here in southern Saskatchewan.

At the moment everything outside is covered with 5cm of snow and underneath that is the frozen rain and slush that will make tomorrow an extremely treacherous day to be out and about.  My husband and I couldn't be much more grateful that we ourselves do not have to leave the suite at all tomorrow barring some kind of emergency currently unforeseen!  YAY!  
How do you spell "gratitude"? 

It is spelled S-T-A-Y-I-N-G-W-A-R-M-A-N-D-S-A-F-E-I-N-D-O-O-R-S!!

Had a wonderful conversation this evening with my son on the phone.  We are giving each other some mutually encouraging spiritual and life pointers to get us both through some tiring and confusing days.  We have so few opportunities to talk about things like that together.  We each found the other's thoughts and ideas helpful.  It was a very special chat.

My husband is disappointed he will not be able to ride his bike to the university tomorrow, but I think he will survive it. hahaha  By the time he wakes up (not necessarily in the early morning hours) the snow and ice may be melting away! teehee 
Sweet dreams, exhausted man!

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