Friday, April 7, 2017

Blessed With Good Weather At The Moment!

Oh my goodness, it is one lovely day out there today!  It is all ready +11C outside at 9:30am, the wind that yesterday was blowing dirt and finely grained sand and other dusts into my face and ears has died right down to a slight breeze, the sun is shining, the forecast for the coming week is most could a person not feel blessed and happy on such a fine morning?  (and I would be happier still if I hadn't received that call the other day to come to the doctor this afternoon for not so great blood work results, haha)

A friend who lives in Southern Ontario sent me photos this morning of the huge dump of snow they are contending with today....YUCKKKK!!  Poor things..I empathize. They must feel like the are living on the prairies once again.

Last night I took a Motrin to reduce the pain of my sore gums after the dental appointment, so slept well and woke up pain free this morning.  While the gums are still tender to touch and the tooth is a bit sensitive, as expected, I am very pleased with how I am feeling today.

My husband left for Maple Creek about a half hour ago, but will only be gone until just after dinner tomorrow.  That is also cause for happiness...he doesn't have to stay for church or any more meetings there on Sunday.  He will get his full Sunday and Monday off work this week!  YAY!!!  He has also arranged to get an extra day off on Easter week since Easter Monday would be his regular day off and Easter Sunday he has to take a service out in Esterhazy.  So, he will get a 3 day weekend like he is supposed to get, just not ON the weekend.  I am delighted by that as well because he is exhausted, is stress eating and gaining back some of the weight he worked so hard to lose before Christmas and that concerns me. He was doing so well until a month or so ago when the busyness at the office got all out of proportion to reality once again.  Once the audit is done by the end of this month he will be able to get a more reasonable day's work done until June holidays.

Well, I had better go and get some filing done.  My husband has opened up a full drawer for me in his large file cabinet so I can retrieve the files and folders currently stashed all through my desk, dresser shelves and other storage areas and consolidate them in one easy to use filing system. Whew!  I have had this mess going on since we moved in 2 years ago...way past time to get my act together.  It is a wonder I have been able to locate anything at all for insurance, bank and health care forms over that time.  Good grief!  If I can get this space reorganized and get my winter clothes tubs back down to the basement I will have enough room to actually start the cleaning project I want go get going on.

Have a wonderful day everybody!

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