Saturday, April 29, 2017


Okay, all you wonderful prayer warriors, we need to pray together for help from our heavenly Father for Lee!

Long story short: College aged Lee has been backpacking in Thailand for some months but very recently fell off the grid for a few days, terrifying his parents here in Saskatchewan. A few hours ago they received a phone call from a Thai gentleman they don't know, telling them their son is in a psych hospital in one of the cities there.  Fortunately they were able to locate the hospital and SKYPE with Lee.  He looks damaged, was pretty much incoherent other than to beg them to come and get him.  Apparently he spent some time in jail for some reason and has no belongings and no passport.  No one seems to know what happened to him or why he is in a psych ward.  So, his parents are right now on a plane on their way to Thailand.

Lee's aunt has managed to contact a Christian mission who has mediators in the area that may be able to assist them in getting their son identified and help get him whatever paperwork he is going to need from the Canadian Embassy to leave the country and return home.

Please pray for Lee's safety, for the safety of his parents and for the Canadian Embassy folk in Thailand, who have all ready been contacted and have not provided much help as yet, to help him restore his passport.

What a mess!  We pray that God will move mountains to help this family deal with this situation.  Lee is a good kid so how he came to be in jail and possessionless is a mystery for now.  Please pray for his health and for a quick release to his parents.

Thank you so much.  It may be a few days before I get an update but I promise I will post as soon as I get some news from his family.

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