Sunday, April 9, 2017

Feelin' Better After Watching the Telecast

Well....I loved hearing Hymne de la Beaute du Monde and the "entertainment" portion of the Vimy Ridge anniversary was more tasteful than the crazy news reporter led me to believe, for the most part at least. My own opinion is that a lot of it was unnecessary, but my opinion is no more valid than anyone else's so I hope the thousands in attendance at the ceremonies found it to be wonderful. I suspect I would have had more of an emotional attachment if I had been there in person rather than having to rely on tv coverage.

I hope reporters with more journalistic experience will take their younger colleague aside and help him understand that a memorial remembrance does not need added entertainment to actually be memorable to the descendants of murdered soldiers.

As our world moves closer to the brink of another world war, I can only pray for the miracle of peace, knowing it is the right prayer, but also realizing the answer may very well be "no". As humans given the power of choice by our creator, including the choice of believing or not in the existence of a creator who would have his creation always seek forgiveness and reconciliation over war, we too often choose grudges instead of forgiveness and power over humility.

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chris e. said...

Glad the telecast wasn't as bad as you feared. Could be the reporters are a 'tweenie' generation. Folks our age have a deep appreciation of what happened, having parents or grandparents who were actually there. I notice the same kind of appreciation in my late teen nephews and nieces. Two of them were bound and determined to go to the ceremony: one of them is over there now in attendance. Go Ian!