Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gotta Get a Move On!!!

I felt blobby all day today...the usual after effects of several hours in the dentist's chair with my mouth hanging open and anaesthetic in my gums.  The sinus pain and general lack of motivation, fuzzy brain and upset stomach all hit me today with a vengeance.  By Friday I will be just fine again and this was not unexpected as it happens consistently after dental work. My patient and understanding husband took one look at me as he was walking in the door after work and told me we were going out for dinner to perk me up.  hahaha  Hmmmm....wonder if I could arrange to look as pathetic as I was feeling today a little more often...????  teehee

I forced myself to get out this morning to run some errands and had a couple of good phone chats, practised my choir music, made myself a decent lunch and kept up with my post-prandial exercise, but mentally I wasn't in the best shape.

I did realize though, through the brain fog, that now that spring is upon me and the driving conditions are good, I HAVE to get moving and motivated to pick up the telephone and contact friends in the area so we can get together more often.  If I am not careful I am going to end up in the same slump I was in at the last place we lived, where I was defeated by being around so many folk I had nothing in common with and was unsure where to find other local friends.  It wasn't good and I could find myself in a similar circumstance if I don't get the phone calls flowing and the plans for socializing going pretty soon.

The sunshine will be a good motivator and once I get over this dental appointment I am sure I will get moving on reconnecting with some friends I haven't been able to see much of during the winter.  At least that is my hope....motivation, mental severely lacking since the winter hit last October.  Most of my friends live a good 40 minutes drive away and so we don't get together much once the snow and ice hit the roads.  I was at a birthday dinner with some of those folk last weekend and realized how remiss I have become at keeping in closer touch.

As far as local friends I need to get a LOT more motivated and start asking some of the women I see with some regularity at church and choir if they would like to get together for coffee.  A lot of them are my age and also not working, so they MAY have time on occasion...there must be at least one or two of them that would have some area of commonality with myself...surely....some of them are also from away so I think that could help...surely.....

So....get on with it girl!  'Tis time!!

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