Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy Feet.....Oops, I Mean Teeth!

O happy day at the dentist. My new temporary crown is firmly in place in the top of my jaw, while I wait to have the permanent crown cemented in next Wednesday morning.

I like my dentist's obvious competence, the cheery countenance of the hygienist and the awesome new dental techniques. Compared to the painful torture I endured as a kid, today's appointment was like a spa day! I was told my gums would be a bit sore this afternoon and that is true, but "bit" is the operative word. I was able to get away with less freezing this time, so was able to eat my lunch without wearing a bib! Bonus!!  The other bonus is the huge bottle of anti-bacterial mouthwash I was given to rinse my mouth with twice daily until I get the permanent crown. I was told it is also an excellent gargle for sore throats. Bonus again! haha

My husband has been helping his friend all afternoon. The woodworking shop they are turning the fellow's garage into is nearly complete. They will be able to start some small projects in a couple of weeks, yay!

The past two days my husband has had off work have flown past too quickly. We each had our own personal appointments this time around. Am all ready looking forward to next week's days off to enjoy working together on......our INCOME TAX! Yippee, eh? haha

So, time for dinner (pork cubes baked for several hours in the oven, smothered in sautéed onions, carrots, onions and peach and mango salsa...served on a bed of Vietnamese rice noodles...yum). Then a fun evening watching boxing on tv with my husband! Yay!

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chris e. said...

Hurray for modern dentists! I am so glad your appointment went so well.
The dentist I had when I was a kid was so rough, also practicing good ol' fashioned 1930's dentistry--as I was told by every one of the procession of subsequent dentists who attempted to fix the damage.
I never realized how prehistoric good old Dr. Channel's office was till I saw the exact same dental chair on American Pickers! The whole cast was gathered round going 'Eew! Imagine having anyone work on your teeth with that???'
Uh yes. Only too well!