Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy News From Various Friends and Family This Week

Good news on the job front for several friends this week and my heart is rejoicing along with theirs!

One friend facing unemployment due to the cut back of a half time position was offered instead a wonderful full time position in the same department! Score one for answered prayer there.

Another friend with ever increasing health issues may be able to retire from her career due to a better job her husband was offered this week.  Score two.....

A third friend interviewed for and got a marvellous full time position in her field that will see her hours go from part time to full time and all day time week day hours too, so she won't have to work evenings any more.

A fourth friend who retired in disgust only weeks ago has just started a new parttime job in her field under far better, more encouraging conditions than those she laboured under for many years, fighting depression and anger most of that time.

Our son may be mentoring two students from the cognitive science faculty at UBC for a few weeks this spring.  He meets with them in a few days to see if it will work out.  He won't be receiving any pay for doing it, but as they exchange their skills to broaden all their horizons, it works out that he will essentially have two people teaching and working for him without him having to pay them either.  Bingo!

Dad and Mom both saw the doctor today.  Mom is doing very well despite the stress of watching Dad go through withdrawal.  Dad likely has one more week of withdrawal symptoms to battle, but has received some sleep aids and a nasal spray to stop the constant sneezing that developed a couple of days ago.  The doctor can hardly believe Dad stuck it out, but my wee, frail looking dad is one tough old bird!  I am very proud of him for going through this so willingly.  By the time he was done with the medical appointment he was wrung out, BUT did not spend the entire rest of the day sleeping.  He is keen to go walking around the halls of the facility again tomorrow, and then he is going outside to walk the next couple of days if the weather is good.  Mom will accompany him, but she says she is seeing his muscle strength in his legs gradually returning.  It is an encouraging time now for them both.

My husband is feeling very cheery today despite ongoing, job induced weariness.  He just realized his annual month long holiday begins in 2 months' time! haha  He is going to a telephone systems expo in the early morning and is so happy that breakfast is included as part of the admission, haha.

I got a call from a church member tonight to ask if I would let my name stand for the transition team membership that will be working with our intentional interim minister at church over the next year.  There will be interviews with her and the vestry before the nominations can be finalized, but it was nice to be asked. To be honest I don't think I fit the criteria sufficiently, but will find out once my interview happens.  Time will tell....prayer would be appreciated. Thank you.

Other friends and family have been contacting me with little bits of this and that good news.  It has been an encouraging couple of days.  It is so reassuring to know that not everything going on in peoples' lives is negative, frightening or dangerous.  Hallelujah!

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