Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Yawn......

We were able to get some sleep last night despite the squawking birds, flapping wings, traffic noise, intense winds and whatever else have you.  Guess we were so exhausted from the previous two nights we finally were able to doze out and stay in dreamland for most of the night at least.

We both slept in this morning and missed church completely.  Decided last night not to set the alarm for this morning as both of us have been so tired. Not sleeping well has been detrimental to how we both have been feeling.  My heart has been doing a few loop-de-loops over the past week so that tells me I need to relax, rest and stop racing around at light speed just because it is possible to get outside now in the warmth and do so. (Yes, Auntie Phyl, I have a doctor's appointment at the end of this coming week, okay? Not to worry!)

Choir rehearsal went quite well today.  We seem to have started improving all of a sudden.  Our director is pleased.  I think the extra sectionals rehearsals have helped us a lot!  It is beyond kind of her to put so much work into our little group.  It always amazes me how even a choir with a fair number of insecure singers such as ours is can grow and improve with the extra attention a committed director can give it.  What a treat!  At one of our post-Easter rehearsals our director will be away and it sounds like I may be standing in for her for that one time slot.  I don't have to be a "director" in her absence, just a point of focus to keep us all together through the songs, but I do want to familiarize myself better with the mens' parts if it turns out I am helping lead that week.  If I can at least give the impression that I know what I am doing then the group will remain secure enough to sing out and do their best.  If I am not called upon to do that, no worries, it is nice though to be considered.  

Tonight my husband and I decided to have our weekly date night.  Normally we eat out on Mondays, but tomorrow morning I am at the dentist starting the process of getting a new crown.  The temporary one will be in place by noon and then I will be slurping soft boiled eggs and gumming at pieces of soft toast for the rest of the day while the cement sets up and the freezing comes out.  If I am as frozen as the last time I was there I will be fortunate to even be able to get the mid day egg down my throat without drooling it back all over my shirt! happy as I am to be getting this work done.....eating for that first 24 hours afterward is always a challenge! Some time next week I will get the permanent crown and that is such an easy process in comparison to the intial work that happens tomorrow.  What a wonderful blessing to have found a great dentist, very first attempt!!

Friday afternoon is my doctor's appointment for the results of my 6 month lab work.  Really not sure what to expect this time around.  It is the first time I have gone that long between A1C's since diagnosis so I will see how far off the path I have actually strayed with my blood sugar between illnesses, dietary cheats, inconsistent exercise at the start of the last 3 month period etc. etc.  I want my kidney and liver results even more as I am always so close to the top of the acceptable numbers. Also it is obviously time for another ECG.  At the end of April I have to begin the process all over again for provincial government approval for another year for my osteoporosis drug, redo battle with my husband's insurance company for at least another year of their coverage approval, have my specialist fill in all the same forms with all the same information he filled out a year ago to satisfy the insurance company,  then HOPEFULLY have it all in place in time for my next injection in July.  How I hope and pray that the government will approve my dosage for long term instead of only a year at a time.  I have had no allergic reaction to it, so plan to continue taking it until I have been on it long enough for a bone densitometry to tell us if it is working or not.  

Talked to Dad tonight again.  He slept much better last night, only awake 4 times and it didn't take him long to get back to sleep. That is encouraging. He went for TWO long walks with Mom in the hallways of their facility and that is quite a switch up since this routine of sleeping all day every day hit him nearly a year ago.  It will take him awhile to regain some strength, but Mom is pleased that all ready he can walk around the facility.  By the middle of the week it is to be very warm in Calgary and Dad is going to take his first walk outside around the facility since late last spring.  I am excited for him.  He sees the doctor this week for a check up on his progress and symptoms.  Mom is freaking out about a mistake she thinks the accountant made on their taxes.  It sounds like there was a mistake, but it is one that is easily fixed!  She is calling him in the morning to go over what happened. I think she accidentally gave him the same information about their medical expenses twice on two different printouts and he didn't catch on that it wasn't two different sets of expenses.  Mom panics because she is convinced that Revenue Canada agents are going to arrive at her door with handcuffs and a warrant if her taxes are incorrect and no one can calm her down.  I surely tried tonight on the phone, but of course it didn't help. haha She wears her inability to cope with stress like a badge of honour because, "That's the way I am!"  Sigh....  I seriously do not comprehend how Dad has managed to deal with her panic attacks for over 60 years.  Bless them........

No great or wonderful plans for the upcoming week.  Once the snow and rain pass through tomorrow and I recover from the dental work, it may be a great week for simply getting outside and walking. The suite needs a good cleaning and I have a pile of ironing that will take several hours.  I hauled up my summer clothes bins yesterday for something fun to do, hauled everything out in a big heap on my bedroom floor, repacked the bins with most of my winter clothes and stacked up the ironing.  Tomorrow afternoon will be a great day to start on the project as I won't feel up to doing much else.

Well, yappity yap...not much to say, obviously, but I am grateful for another good day as it draws to a close. I am grateful for improving spring weather.  I am grateful for friends and family. I am grateful for parties and delicious restaurant food.  I am grateful to be in a choir. I am grateful for a wonderful husband and fun loving son.  I am grateful that Jesus loves me...this I know....

So, as you are led, could you send up more prayers for our family member with cancer.  The chemo starts on Tuesday and it could be a rough go depending on the reaction, or there may not be a terrible reaction.  I am unashamedly praying for the second scenario.  If the reaction is bad then I am praying it will be short lived!! Thanks for joining with my husband and I in these prayers.

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