Friday, April 28, 2017

Helping a Friend.... I Hope.....

One day next week I am meeting with a friend in an attempt to help him understand what he needs to do to get his blood sugar heading back down to normal as he has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. His diagnosis happened several months ago, but it appears he isn't comprehending the seriousness of his situation and the extent of the lifestyle change required. My friend has rather limited English comprehension, so although his doctor has gone over the basics with him, it has become clear my friend didn't understand what he was told. I could use some prayer that something I say breaks through the language barrier and gets him more interested in taking care of himself.

This morning I drove to the local Diabetes Canada office and found a copy of the first "diabetes for dummies" book I received when I was diagnosed. It is written in simple English in bullet point format and is brightly illustrated with cartoon graphics. I photocopied a chart of portion sizes for most foods and instructions on how to read daily food value information on packaged foods. We can discuss those, as well as why daily exercise is so important. I have the links for the local and national Diabetes Canada websites and the phone number for the local diabetes clinic, which happens to be located only a couple of blocks from his place of residence. I will be urging him to contact them immediately for an appointment.

After my attempts to help it will be up to him to decide to follow through, BUT he did ask for my help so I am somewhat hopeful. Please pray for my friend Dee. Please pray I can be of service as he struggles with what is going on with his health. Thank you.

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