Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Is 2016 FINALLY Over?? Here's Hoping......

Yup...we finally completed our income tax returns today!  What a great feeling to get it all done at last.

The best part is that just as my husband was doing final calculations for his clergy housing allowance, I checked the mail box for today's delivery and here in the box was a letter from the federal government letting him know there was a change (for the worse OF COURSE, haha) in the allowable amount.  He had to change some figures and retotal some columns, but how cool that the letter arrived the very day he was doing his tax forms and cussing himself for having waited this long to get started!  Great timing Lord, great timing as always!

My tax forms are mostly one column of big fat zeros after another, but I did have a few dollars earned for musical accompanyment at a funeral, so it felt kinda' good to have something at all to declare, haha.  

Next year is going to be a whole new nightmare of tax changes for us since we both started collecting government pensions this month.  Aiii yiii....first you get old, then you find out the money you paid into pension plans all your life is not going to be sufficient to keep a roof over your head after retirement and then you have to learn a whole lot of new government tax form calculations despite your advancing old age. What is wrong with this picture, right??

So, I need to prepare myself better for next tax year's new mental gymnastics.  Perhaps a math course for seniors would be in order!  Not sure I am up to it....just counting socks after yesterday's laundry was taxing enough to be quite honest!!  Grocery shopping this morning was plenty taxing trying to add prices in my head before going to the cashier!!  Updating my bank book without a calculator after that shopping trip took far longer and involved more brain power than it ever has before!

New tax forms next year....sheesh.......  Well, to stay on the positive side of things, it would appear we are now done with 2016 and starting to catch up on this new year...and only 4 months late!

Relatives update:  
- No news from the son in regard to his plans for the move south...how much does a new lady in his life have to do with that I wonder???

- Our relative with cancer got very brave this week and shaved all the hair off rather than have it coming out in dribs and drabs all over the place.  We can't wait to see the new wig and other beautiful headwear we have been told about.  Some good days and some bad days, how a person feels seems to change every couple of hours when having chemotherapy, but one treatment down and 3 to go before the radiation. 

- Mom and Dad are doing much better than they have in the past year or more. Dad's energy levels have surged ahead and his muscle strength is returning slowly but surely.  He is walking the halls every day and is hoping the weather warms up enough to get outside soon.  

- My husband is still quite tired, probably due to having to spend a great deal of the day doing the taxes, but has decided to go to work tomorrow after all, since he is taking his first study leave this year next week....yeah, kind of short notice, but that is what you have to do around here as long term plans rarely work out and this small window of opportunity arose, so.........at least he can do his work locally and use the U of R library rather than travelling to Ambrose University library in Calgary like he usually does.

- As for me, I am rejoicing that it is more than 18 months since I have fallen, or otherwise broken any bones...long may that last!  I am rejoicing that I have been so energized by our busy weekend of Easter socializing and have been racing madly about doing housework, shopping etc. each day.  Hopefully the energy will carry me through all the ironing I have to do tomorrow, haha.


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