Sunday, April 23, 2017


That was the sermon topic this morning at First Free Methodist Church in Moose Jaw.  My friend was both presiding and preaching today and I am so glad I braved the cold windy gales and drove out there for the service.  Both the joyous singing and the sermon all about why we as Christians have joy were exactly what I needed today.  Thank you Lord for impressing upon me so forcefully this morning that I should drive to Moose Jaw for church.  The congregation members were so very welcoming this morning I am actually thinking of writing a note to send to the church to thank them and encourage them in their ministry of hospitality to newcomers.  By the time I was back out in the narthex after the service I had met and exchanged names and life stories with at least a dozen people and secured two invitations out for lunch.  Unfortunately time constraints left me unable to accept anything other than a brief lunch visit with my pastor friend before I had to race back home for choir practise.  I needed that friendliness today as much as I needed the service based on the concept of Christian joy to help heal my broken heart about having to make the decision I blogged about last post.  I was able to shed a few tears without anyone noticing, pull myself back together and thoroughly enjoy the rest of the morning.

Choir for me was a total hoot this afternoon. I was asked to direct today in the absence of our wonderful director.  I lucked out in that the choir had a concert all ready this past week so all the nuances of their music were secured fairly firmly in their minds and we glided through the songs without having to repeat or fix much.  Whew!!  haha  It is incredibly difficult to step in and direct someone else's choir for a week at the best of times, but with it being SO many years since I led any choirs of my own I felt pretty inadequate. Fortunately this group was forgiving and the attitudes were so helpful to me.  Bless you choir members.  My goodness...I knew I was going to be rusty, but I was even worse than I thought. So happy these dear ones were patient and worked so hard to do things properly no matter what I was doing up there while flailing my arms about. hahaha

My husband has been working over in the office since early this morning, putting in a 9 hour day so that he feels at least somewhat caught up on things needing to be done before his study leave starts in the morning.  I don't mind him doing that because it will give him the peace of mind he needs to concentrate on his studies and on the serious resting that will go on in between study sessions.

It is terribly cold again today.  We are to get rain this evening, turning to snow overnight and landing at least 5cm by morning.  Since the morning temperature will be below zero it is going to be an ice festival all over the streets and sidewalks.  I am SO grateful neither of us here will have to be out skating about the city before it melts in the least I hope it melts in the afternoon!! 

Another good day is drawing to a close.  My son emailed to tell me he is going to call me tonight to discuss some spiritual matters.  I do hope he is able to call.  He discusses most of his theological ideas with his father, but right now he and I are on the same wavelength about a few things and are prepared to exchange some ideas.  Should be fun.  He also told me that the painting he promised to send me is in the mail and should be here this coming week. I am so excited I am ready to split the seams in my jacket as I am bursting with pride in his artistic abilities.  If I can figure out again how to post the photos in my computer files I will post one of his art after it arrives.  If you don't see one by the end of this week you will know that the Tech Dummy here was unable to figure it out and her husband had no time to assist her. teehee

Blessings everyone on your upcoming week!

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