Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Movie Night

Tonight I went with a friend to see the movie, "Hidden Figures".  We missed the first run here, but a week ago it arrived for a second run at the "discount theater", so off we went.  I could hardly believe the admittance price:  $2 (TWO DOLLARS!!)! It must be the last theater in the western world to give a deal like that on a recently released movie...or any other movie. Unbelieveable!!  If the movie had been lousy, I would have still felt like I got a deal!

BUT the movie was fantastic.  I noticed a lot of the people sitting around us were expressing shock at the segregation portrayed in the film...1960's USA.  Most of them are considerably younger than my friend and I, so had no idea what the outworking of racial segregation was in those days. Sad, sad, sad....  The movie was enlightening in more ways than one.  If you haven't seen this movie, take time to view it. The acting and script and (mostly) true story are all excellent.

Tomorrow morning I am going shopping for Easter basket fixings!  I am going to make up 3 baskets: one for our Egyptian friends and one each for their two sons.  Although we cannot share the Christian symbols of the season, we can give them their first secular Canadian Easter, with bunny cards, brightly coloured plastic straw filled baskets.  I will purchase Easter eggs, some candy, "cool" toothbrushes and paste, plus art supplies for the boys, as well as some gift certificates and specialty food items for the mom and dad and grandma.  It will be as much fun for me to make up the baskets as it will be for them to receive them...maybe even more so! hahaha  We are getting together for a late evening BBQ on Good Friday.  Should be a fun time.

In the afternoon I am attending the Grade 8 spring play, "The Lion King" that the son of a friend of mine is acting in. He is playing a hyena!  Should be a hoot!

Well, it is after 11pm and I should get to bed, but it is hard to wind down after getting a fantastic cleaning job completed here in the suite today, having a movie evening with a friend, followed by a relaxing glass of red wine and a visit with her and then an excellent chat with my husband when I got home.

It has been a very good day!  Nighty night.....

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