Monday, April 17, 2017

No Wonder I Don't Get Things Done Around Here When I Say I Am Going To!

After my husband's friend left earlier today, I thought I better get a big move on and get the laundry finished up in decent time.  Yeah.....not so much!

I only had the next load started when the phone rang and it was a friend who was on her way into the city to do some shopping. Would I like to come along with her?  Well...shucks...YES!!!  OF COURSE I WOULD!!!  30 minutes later I abandoned my laundry project and also my husband to his do nothing day and my friend and I took a wonderfully fun tour of the city, singing our heads off in her brand new car, stopping at all manner of wierd and wonderful establishments in her quest for all things DINOSAUR for a party she is throwing later this week.  See why I love going shopping with this particular friend?  We are never searching for anything plebian such as clothes or groceries or other "normal" stuff.  O no, not ever.  We are looking for dinosaurs in this case and on previous trips we have been searching for rubber duckies, plastic sheep, pirate treasure, lady bugs....just think of some kind of theme party, any theme at all, and my friend and I have likely also looked for the appropriate party items and can tell you exactly where to find them!

At one point we were in a mall, passing a Dairy Queen outlet.  My friend jerked to a stop and enquired if I had eaten lunch yet.  I had of course, but a lady behind us stopped as well and said, "Do I hear Blizzard?? I am sure I hear Blizzard!"  hahaha  We both felt kind of badly that we weren't actually stopping at DQ because we could have asked her to join us, but at that point we were on our way out of the mall so my friend could head for home.  Shoot....a possible missed opportunity for a new contact, a new friend....or at least a chance to have a fun conversation with a complete stranger for half an hour, hahaha.

So now it is nearly time to eat dinner and I am not going to have to be too creative as we still have some leftover okra mixture and pasta in bechamel sauce, as well as a spicy chicken breast to finish up from our Friday evening leftovers.  We completely finished the rest of the lentil soup at lunch time.  Wow....everyone should have Egyptian friends with a nana who can cook such amazing meals to share!!  hahaha

Then I probably SHOULD go to choir sectional rehearsal....SHOULD go....hmmmmm.......the jury is still out on that and I have 2 more hours to make a decision about what to do. I need to ask for more clarity or should I just stop flipping back and forth and just go to the darned rehearsal?  Maybe my husband would enjoy some more time to himself at home to watch his CD university courses on various religions, or some time to fiddle around on his computer project.  When I got home a little while ago I asked him what he had done while I was out and his response was a happy, relieved, "Nothing!" hahaha He could use another day of this uselessness but unfortunately we have to run some errands early tomorrow morning and then come home and spend the rest of the day completing our income tax.  We are SO slow and so late getting to them this year....bad, bad us!!

Well, at least I got the next load of laundry in the washer as soon as I got home...only 2 more loads to wash and 3 to dry!

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