Friday, April 21, 2017

Now THIS Is What I Call A Perfect Spring Day!

It is 1:30pm.  I left the house at 10:50am and am just home.  I walked uptown to Cornwall Centre to pay some bills, stopped at Zam Zam Wraps for my tasty chicken shawarma salad, (nope, it is not my hopeful imagination that made me think that meal is just as tasty or more so sans the feta cheese and tzatziki sauce, it really is great "naked"), did some window shopping and wandered back home.  In all the time I have been gone I only sat down for the 20 minutes required to enjoy my lunch.  YAY!!!!  I feel like I have my life back after a long winter of being forced by ice and freezing winds to either drive everywhere or just stay home.

The temperature is perfect at about +13C at the moment, there is barely a breeze, the sun is shining but not overly warm and the streets are bare of snow, ice and even some of the dust and mud has been cleared away from in front of the retail stores and apartment buildings.  

While I was in the Bay at Cornwall Centre I noticed the most beautiful mint green mens' knit summer shirt.  Oooh, my dad loves that colour and it suits him.  I could hardly believe there was one in a size small slim fit!!  PERFECT FOR MY DAD!  That size is a rare find and the price was so good I just couldn't pass it up....did I write "window shopping" a paragraph or two above?  Well, this one shirt I purchased was not for me so that still counts as window shopping, right?  haha  I decided dad deserves a reward for kicking the morphine addiction, so I stopped at the post office on the way home and got it envelope'd and sent to him.  He is going to love it and it is actually going to fit him properly! Happy return to Planet Earth Dad!  Congratulations!!

My husband's plan for today was to spend an hour or two in the office, then come home and do some paperwork at the dining room table for the afternoon and evening.  So far, it is afternoon and there is no sign of him. I suspect I will not see him back here until dinner tonight.  No surprise, haha.  There are always people lurking around waiting to see him about all manner of unexpected issues if the Bishop himself is unavailable.  I know HE is working from home today to get some peace and quiet and uninterrupted time so my husband will be fielding a lot of extras today.  Next week on his study leave I am going to insist he leave his work phone at the office so he isn't pestered.  I can't get over the way some people though feel quite free to call him at home if they can't reach him at work...any time of the week, day, doesn't seem to occur to some folk that if he isn't available on his work phone and doesn't return work related text messages and emails right away that he is not actually working at that time.  Interesting...I can't even imagine how often the Bishop has to deal with that sort of thing and I know that, like my husband, he is a softy toffee who answers too many requests on his few days off.  These can't take the pastor's heart out of either of them no matter how exhausted they may be.

Teehee, I just talked to my husband on the phone and I am so right that it will be at least dinner time before he makes it home tonight. hahaha  Ooooh, do I know how things go in that office or what?  Teehee.....

I talked to Mom and Dad last night. They are doing so much better at the moment. Both of them sound cheerier. They have been getting out together to grocery shop, they went to the nearby Casino on the bus with other people from their facility the other day to enjoy the huge buffet there...Dad had 4 desserts and Mom said she lost count of how many she ate. hahahahaha  They even went for a walk outside the other day. Dad made it a full block and back!  That would have been unheard of since over a year ago now.  His goal is to make it the 2 or 3 blocks over to the neighbourhood college cafeteria sometime in the next few weeks so he and Mom can enjoy a sit-down lunch over there, then mosey on home again.  It is a great goal to have. The first foray over there will completely exhaust him so he promised me that whenever he tries it, he will take his taxi pass along in case he can't make it home again.  Apparently there is a new parttime chef working in their own facility's kitchen and the meals are starting to improve considerably.  They had a fantastic meatloaf last Saturday...not normally a favourite of Dad's...they had a delicious rolled pork chop another day and on Easter Sunday they ate properly prepared fresh baked ham.  I am delighted for them.

Well, I have had a good rest now, so it is time to think about how I want to prepare the chicken breasts I purchased at Shoppers DrugMart on the way home from uptown. What a bargain!  Yesterday I refused to buy 2 chicken breasts at the grocery store because the price was about $30 a kilo I refused to pay over $15 for 2 small chicken breasts. Shoppers was selling their chicken off at a huge discount. So, I came home today with 4 chicken breasts for a total cost of $9.99!  I get a lot of good meat deals at Shoppers.  It is worth the trip to get the meat and provides a short round trip walk of only 10 blocks.

It is a good day today...productive and healthy...and mostly out of doors!!

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