Thursday, April 20, 2017

Oh There's Sunshine, Blessed Sunshine.......

O happy day!  The day started off as a foggy, soggy mess, but morphed into a lovely, late afternoon and early evening.  This afternoon I had to wear a somewhat heavy jacket to walk over to the grocery store, but at the moment it is sunny and warm.  Aaaaah....a taste of spring at least!  

I had a bit of a rest this morning, catchup time at last, but then this afternoon I was happy to take my short walk and then spend a half hour lifting weights and jogging on the spot.  I find now that if I miss an exercise time I am starting to crave the activity last!  It seems I have finally gotten over the physical inactivity and mental sluggishness after the broken hip all those months ago.  It feels good.  Sunday night I was up lifting weights and jogging at 10pm after spending almost the entire day sitting...sitting in the car to travel, sitting through church, sitting through lunch, sitting through dinner and an evening's visiting....I felt like a lump until I got on my feet and got moving at last.

I am so very proud of another diabetic friend here in town.  She was further along the diabetic scale than I ever was, but has taken up marathon running along with monitoring her diet more closely.  Like me, she has dropped her blood sugar down and out of the Type 2 diabetes zone.  Yay her!!!  SO PROUD OF HER! I still find it nearly unbelievable how much effect exercise or lack thereof has on blood sugar levels.  I am still so grateful mine was discovered at a point where I was able to regain at least some measure of control for awhile on what is going on with my blood sugar.  

NOW to lower the cholesterol...since I quit eating oats a few months ago, but didn't change my fats intake accordingly I am sure paying the price, but hopefully I am being successful at lowering it again.  There are so many wonderful foods to eat that are low in fat.  At this point I vastly prefer eating cooked veggies with no butter or margarine on them and a hamburger with extra mustard on the bun instead of butter is just as tasty.  I can hardly tolerate salad dressings at this point and prefer just a sploosh of lavender vinegar or a squeeze of fresh lemon on them.  Butter and dressings mask the true flavours of the food and I hadn't realized just how much!

Well, speaking of exercise etc., it is time for my evening session. My husband has to go back to work in a few minutes to help out some renovation volunteers, so I will be able to work out even more than usual.  I don't like to spend as much time after dinner most evenings, exercising as I would like to because when he is home it is our short chance to visit about the day. and running!!

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