Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Overwhelmed By the Blessings These Days

I don't know why it continues to happen, but my husband keeps coming up with restaurant coupons, so tonight we were out for dinner AGAIN!!  For me, that is 3 meals out in 2 days...okay, mostly proteins and salads, but wow...even a plain tossed salad tastes better in a restaurant.  I LOVE eating out, even for simple salad meals.  Aaaaahhhhh...........

Tonight we went for the first time to Da' Pizza and Curry House, located in a small strip mall on the south side of Victoria near the intersection with Arcola.  When we walked in I wasn't that excited as the place didn't look particularly prosperous, BUT the server was very sweet and the menu had a lot of options on it.  Unfortunately, what caught my eye were listings of dishes on every page that included the descriptive words, "cheese", "potato", "bread" and "deep fried".  For awhile I felt somewhat discouraged as my eyes didn't seem to alight on anything other than salads that I can safely eat.  Fortunately my husband knows how I manage to make myself crabby in such circumstancesa, before I even view the full menu, so he quickly located some other options for me that were healthier and with less cholesterol.

The prices are amazing there....SO inexpensive for what you get to eat!  My husband went completely crazy ordering all manner of things I knew we would never be able to finish.  I dreaded the final bill, but my goodness....that bill came to a total of $50.17, taxes included!  For our $50 we had enough food to bring home at least one hearty lunch for tomorrow!  Our costs included: 1 ten inch tandoori paneer pizza on a thin crust and topped up as well with tomato and sauteed onions (thin layer of cheese so even I could have a slice) with an herbed yogurt dipping sauce that also made a wonderful salad dressing, a large bowl of sambar topped with a mound of freshly chopped cilantro, 2 full sized whole wheat roti, a large chick pea salad with feta cheese and cucumber and tomato and red onion, as well as an appetizer plate that featured a small tossed salad, a bowl of chick peas in gravy, 4 deep fried paneer rounds, 6 veggie pakora, 1 veggie samosa, and a large mashed potato patty with sliced green onions with a bit of tamarind dip, (and of course there was a Kokanee for my husband).  Right now my refrigerator is stuffed with the leftovers! We will be eating chick pea salad long after the other leftovers are gone...there was that much of it for less than $5!  Next time I am able to have some extra carbs and we want an inexpensive but very tasty meal, we are returning to this little restaurant!

And now, off to lift weights and exercise for AT LEAST an hour to wear off this amazing feast! 

Thank you Lord for all the blessings of the past week...amazing!  Feeling very undeserving, but ever so grateful that no one has to be particularly deserving to receive your amazing blessings. That's what your love for your creation is all us the good things none of us deserve.  All we have to do is agree to receive them. Thank you.......

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