Monday, April 10, 2017

Pushing It As Far as Spring Weather.....It's BRRRRR Time Once Again Despite the Summer Clothes Now Hanging in My Closet!

Yesterday, after Palm Sunday service and a salad lunch, we phoned our Egyptian friends and invited ourselves over for a visit.  With my husband away so many weekends in a row and them only being available to visit on weekends, it has been awhile since we have had time to get together.  

It was fun, but FREEZING all afternoon.  The first thing we did was all head over to Home Depot where we helped them pick out a gazebo and patio furniture. Then they rented the delivery van, we all shuffled personal vehicles around so we could get the purchases delivered to their home while my husband and I headed home for work clothes and tools and then picked them up back at Home Depot after they unloaded back at the house.  My husband and Mohammed got about half the structure erected on their back deck in between pizza and turkish coffee breaks before the cold air and wind defeated their ability to complete the project.  It was a lot of fun, but I have a scratchy throat today, so hoping I didn't get a chill that left me open for another series of respiratory ailments.  My husband ended his day there by missing the step off the deck on his way into the house and rolling butt over teakettle across the back lawn.  He didn't hurt himself, just sustained a small scrape to the knee, but he was pretty filthy from rolling through the dirt in the flower bed. hahaha Mohammed insisted he stay and have a shower before we left for home and proceeded to gift him with a set of beautiful Egyptian cotton underwear and teeshirt his mom just brought with her from Cairo.  Wow....what a treat.  While the guys were wrestling with the gazebo construction, Nirmene and I attached washers to the various bolts they needed, ran herd on their 2 curious young boys, enjoyed watching grandma playing video games on her cell phone and cleaning up the remains of the pizza and chicken wing feast while sipping on fresh hibiscus tea.  It was a great day, a nice day for me because it got me away from home for the entire day for a change, just a bit frustrating for my husband that the project wasn't completed before we left.  He was hoping to sneak back over there this afternoon to finish it and surprise Mohammed, but he was too exhausted and it was far too cold today to be outside for long.

I did some grocery shopping this morning while my husband worked on some writing he is doing for his seminars.  We watched a couple of boxing matches I recorded a few days ago and that was fun.  We stuck to our low cholesterol diets as absolutely as possible as penance for eating 2 slices of extra cheesy pizza yesterday.  Sigh.....

Tonight we had plain boiled brown rice with grilled turkey and green beans with no butter...we supplemented that with a small slice each of delicious bread I picked up today and we allowed ourselves a teaspoon each of non-hydrogenated, salt free margarine on it.  Aaaaaah, the joys of old age diets, hahaha.

My salad yesterday was rather delicious considering I didn't add any dressing, other than a drizzle of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  It was simple mixed greens and 10 teeny cherry tomatoes topped with shredded carrot and cucumber, plus a grilled, unsalted chicken breast.  It looked great and tasted far more interesting than this description would make you think it tasted.

I think it will be easier for my husband to stick to a lower cholesterol diet now that I have to do that as well.  Since I will be eating the same "tasteless" fare he is supposed to be eating we can commiserate and HE will want to show ME how it can be done by being a good example.  In this case the male ego is working in a positive way for us both! haha

After dinner this evening I took the car over to the gasoline station and filled it up for my husband's next out of town work adventure tomorrow.  He is heading to Moosomin and Rocanville.  Sunday it will be Esterhazy to do the Easter service there.  Well, at least he will get a hefty gasoline reimbursement at the end of this month.

Tomorrow I need to actually DO the housework I was supposed to do at the end of last week before unexpected dental and medical appointments and a choir rehearsal got in the way.  The suite is SO dusty and linty it is going to look super duper sparkly by the time I am done.  My reward will be going to see a movie with a friend tomorrow evening.  We are finally going to get the chance to see "Hidden Figures". It has been a long wait.

Doesn't look like we have more than a couple of days of decent spring weather this week. In fact snow and rain showers are expected on....Good Friday I believe. Glad my husband is not travelling that day.  This year we are expected at a Maundy Thursday foot washing service, a Good Friday Walk of the Cross that covers a good deal of territory as we walk between a couple of Anglican Churches and eventually end up at a Roman Catholic church, then Saturday evening is Easter Vigil, followed by the service on Easter Sunday in Esterhazy.  I am so glad my husband gets Easter Monday through Wednesday off from least that is the way it is SUPPOSED to happen...I will believe it when and if it does!


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