Friday, April 14, 2017

Slurp, Burp, Urp...the Next Installment

It is after 10pm and I am still feeling sated after our amazing feast at our friends' house.

We ate Egyptian style okra, chicken legs, potatoes stuffed with beef, lamb filled lasagna in white cream sauce, baked chicken slices, cilantro rice with tomatoes and green beans and the best lentil soup on the planet. We topped it all off with huge green olives and tiny pickled eggplants stuffed with garlic cloves. There was sage tea, hibiscus tea, Turkish coffee, diet grapefruit soda....we spent the better part of three hours eating and, talking, watching hilarious videos from Egypt and Saudi on Mohammed's phone, relaxing in the new gazebo as the wind billowed out the gazebo curtains and the heater kept us all toasty warm in there.

And to think we are going out again tomorrow evening and the evening after that....ooooh, my aching, overstuffed tummy!

Bonus: the Easter baskets were a huge hit, so that made me feel happy. Thank you Lord for helping me to decide what to put in the baskets.

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