Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sometimes The Magic Works!!

Since my diabetic diagnosis over three years ago the only thing I have ever craved, the only disappointing total elimination from my diet, has been hot cocoa.  Occasionally I have so wanted a hot drink on a chilly evening, but since I can't drink tea or coffee and detest most herbal teas, I have had to settle for cold or even room temperature sodas and water instead. Blaaah!!

Only recently did it occur to me that I could purchase some artificial sweetner other than the dreaded, bitter stevia and give hot cocoa a try.  So, yesterday I purchased a box of Sugar Twin packs and tonight I made myself a mug.  My husband has some delicious and excellent quality Lebanese cocoa that I have been wanting for a long time to taste.

I just finished my hot cocoa and Sugar Twin with just a dash of milk. MMMMM....YUMMMMM....to die for!  This is going to be my go-to comfort treat as needed.  That means it won't be a regular habit, but just occasionally I too will be able to have a hot drink before bed at night.

How do you spell "bliss"??

H-O-T-C-O-C-O-A!!!  YES!


chris e. said...

After a couple of years of no sugar in anything, you could probably enjoy it with no sweetener at all. That's what I did. The first cup or 2 seemed a bit odd, but then my tastebuds started to notice subtler flavours that the sugar had covered up. Give it a try!

Susan said...

All ready have...more than once. BLECCCHH! You have more discerning taste buds than mine, that is for sure! haha

chris e. said...

How about trying Lactaid milk? As the lactose is already turned to lactase it tastes very sweet. So no need for any sweetening, or very little.

Susan said...

Thanks, but no need to tinker further. I am quite happy with what I have come up with on my own.

Randall Friesen said...

Yay, you get to win one!

Susan said...

Thankfully, Randall. ONE at least.
Just paid my dental bill and I sure didn't win that one with the insurance company, hahahaha.
Hope you are having a grand day.