Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tell Me It Isn't So!!!

This morning I took the bus to choir rehearsal.  There was time before it started to dash into Cornwall Centre and pick up a couple of Easter cards at my favourite card shoppe, Pandora.

Except today it wouldn't have mattered how much time I had....there is no more Pandora card shoppe in Cornwall Centre...another closure, another vacant, locked up store that I loved and have supported rather regularly.  There was not so much as a forwarding address taped to the window.  Sigh.....  How disappointing.  I can only imagine how disappointing it must have been for the owners and staff as well to have to close that location for whatever reason.  There has been another death knell sounded for our all ready nearly dead downtown.  It is very sad.  A couple of new stores will be opening in that complex in the coming months, a wellness centre is one of them, but I am not sure if it is a naturopathic clinic or an actual retail venue for health food products.  Tim Horton's is taking over the location formerly filled by Second Cup.

In the midst of all the construction, blocked and closed venues, little Zam Zam Wraps continues to flourish despite being completely hidden from view by a large construction project immediately beside it.  After choir I ate my lunch there AND I feel very good about being able to stick to the lower cholesterol intake.  I had my chicken shawarma salad sans feta cheese and sans tzatziki sauce!  With the addition of a few extra banana peppers it was just as tasty without all those extra fats, salts and carbs!  YIPPEE!!  I can do this!!  Yes, I can!

As of today I can feel my determination to eat properly returning to the level it was at when I was first diagnosed with diabetes, fatty liver, failing kidneys and other glorious health problems over three years ago.  It is wonderful to feel back in control of my diet.  Not sure what happened. Guess it was a combination of being so ill last fall for so long, all the dental work, a mixture of family stresses and worrying about my husband's job stresses and health.  I fell off the proper food wagon and now I am crawling back on.  YES!!!  Thank you God for discipline and being able to return to it with your help.

After lunch I took an hour to explore what is left of Cornwall Centre and then walked home, stopping half way to pick up 4 litres of milk so I could have some weight bearing exercise along the way.  Juggling it with my choir music took some doing, but made it home without dropping anything in the dusty gutters along the sidewalks.

Choir was fun as always,  although it seems we are not doing as well this term.  Too many of us have missed too many rehearsals and most of our music is more difficult than our Christmas music.  Sigh....Hopefully it will come together by our concert in mid May. There is always hope.  Unfortunately we have just lost two of our older but vocally stronger members due to sudden, severe health issues and that is really sad for them and hard on the choir.  Aging....blaaaaaah!!

So now it is mid afternoon and I am tired.  I should be ironing the laundry I washed yesterday, but think I will go watch the tv news for a bit first...maybe even doze out on the couch for a few minutes? Perhaps a quick nod out at the keyboard here while I play a game or two?

Our son turns 37 years old today....I cannot believe it.  I still remember so very clearly the morning he was born...all 4lbs., 15oz. of him.  He was such a good baby and has grown from a completely crazy teenager into a very creative, caring adult.  I am proud of him.  Happy Birthday Son! Dad and I will call you when he gets home from his work travels this evening.

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