Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Basement Sealants Are Working....More or Less.....

We were relieved to discover this morning that there are only 3 places where there is a bit of dampness and leakage in the basement.  All 3 places were expected and there was only the teensiest bit of dampness spreading across the floor from where the water is trying to come in.  The towels I put down around those 3 areas were not even wet.  Yay!  

My husband has just enough product left to put one more thin coating on each of the 3 spaces and then I think we have done all we can about it for the time being.  The majority of things we have stored down there are either up on palettes and shelves, or hanging high on the walls just under the upstairs floor joists, or in the centre of the room away from anywhere the water has ever reached previously.  

We are expecting more rain on Monday/Tuesday.  Once those 2 days have passed my husband will see just how badly things are going to tend to leak and put on the last of the product once all 3 spaces are dry.  The leak in the middle of the wall is draining into a huge crack that is heaving up along the cement basement floor there, so there is little danger of there being enough water to jump the lip of the crack as it is fairly heaved up at that point.  I suspect that once we move out of here the whole floor will have to jackhammered out and repoured, as was the case in another unit in a building close to ours.  

Building housing units on swampland without using weeping tile is dumb, dumb, dumb, but it is possible there was no such thing when these buildings were erected and since they are "just" rental units, no one cares enough to fix things properly until emergencies occur.

We have certainly made this crazy townhouse our home and moving is going to take more effort and time and money than it has ever taken before.  There is no way we are going to move out prior to my husband's retirement, unless we are forced out sooner either by the condition of the building or a most unexpected job transfer or loss. 

For now, it is time to simply grin and bear the problems while rejoicing in and enjoying the good aspects of living here!

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