Friday, April 28, 2017

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly On the Plain....

The rain in Regina stays mainly in our basement!!

At least that is what we suspect we will discover in the morning.  It is nearly midnight and the rain drops have been teeming down for the past 40 minutes.  Sigh....things have been going SO well, but we are trying to prepare ourselves to awaken to a flooded basement.  Although my husband has spent a great deal of money and time parging and filling cracks with all manner of special sealants, you never know with this old place, where a new leak is going to appear.  The direction of the wind will have an effect as well.  

So, I am thinking it is time to go down there and toss a few old towels around in the areas where we are still uncertain of the sealants' success so that I don't lay awake half the night wondering what is going on down there and how much mopping and bailing we will have to do tomorrow.  

Perhaps we continue to renew our lease year by year because it comes due every March 1, after we have forgotten the torment of the previous year's rain induced flooding, long before the ground has thawed, long before the spring rains arrive to drive us crazy and to threaten everything we have stored down below.  The new leaks in the walls seem to follow our belongings as we hurriedly move them from one sector of the basement to another...once in the spring and once in the late fall.  

Aiiii yiiii...what kind of place is this anyway and why do we love the location so much that we just stay here year after year battling flooding and goose poop and spiders and mice?? Why? Why? Why?

Honestly, it is because we are too exhausted and broke to be hiring moving vans and movers, paying double rent and damage deposit for the month it seems to take to get out of a place once a new place is found. Besides, where else are we going to have a huge green park right across the street, off street parking, a bus stop right outside the front door, on foot accessibility to shopping of all kinds and a 10 minute walk to work for my husband? 

So we will soldier on for another year, grinning like the mad pair we are and coping, barely, with whatever new craziness this complex presents to us. 

It is all good....kinda.....

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