Thursday, April 13, 2017

Where Is This Week Flying By To??????

This week is going by so quickly I can't seem to mentally catch up with it!

Yesterday morning I had a "ton of fun" project that I will finish today: putting together Easter baskets for our Egyptian friends. I will take them over Friday evening when we go for a BBQ at their house. What a hoot finding little edibles and candies and toys to put in the plastic "grass" filled colourful baskets.  A few jelly beans scattered through the "grass" for the boys makes it appear there is far more candy in those baskets than there actually is.  I have enough leftovers all ready to make up 2 more small baskets for the wee kiddies that live next door, again with not much candy, but lots of other things to play with.  Cartoon character toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste are always included in my baskets, hahaha.

In the afternoon I attended the Grade 8 class play at Jack Mackenzie school.  The son of a friend of mine was one of the chief hyena characters in their production of "The Lion King.  My friend's son was rather spectacular in his part.  He wasn't out of character for a second, said his lines clearly and intentionally and stood out as one of the best actors in the play. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and it seems my friend's son has discovered one of several life callings up there on that stage.  He bravely battles autism and I am praying along with his parents that government funding cuts will not mess up the programmes he is supposed to be entering next year at his new high school that would continue to give him the kind of wonderful staff support he has had at Jack Mac!

Last night was tv night with the spousal unit after a very simple supper of chicken sandwiches, green beans and salad.  We are taking cholesterol reduction quite seriously and I think my husband is all ready doing better as I force him to eat what I am eating so he can't cheat and think he is getting away with it the way I was doing over the past 6 months!  

Well, time to get ready to go and complete my shopping for a couple of specialty items I want for those Easter baskets.  There is always banking and dibs and dabs of grocery shopping to do as well for the Easter weekend.  I am responsible to bring dessert to Easter dinner at friends' on Sunday evening. That is something I can prepare on Saturday before we head over to Esterhazy for Sunday service. We are having ham with our friends so I have a small turkey to prepare here the following day so my husband doesn't miss out on his beloved turkey dinner.  I would invite someone to join us if I thought he was going to be feeling up to it, but right now he just needs a darned good rest for his couple of days off after Easter Sunday.  Maybe if he is up to it after all we can find someone with no other plans who is free to come over to share in the dinner.

We had some rain yesterday and the wind was chilly.  Although the high temperature today is supposed to be about +17C, the sky is overcast and it looks like we may get some rain after all, or maybe even a bit of snow.......poor south western and south central Alberta got quite a dump of the white stuff yesterday.

Off to the big box stores.....Easter baskets, YAY!!

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