Monday, May 29, 2017

A Day of Good Accomplishments Around Here!

I so enjoy days like today!  Having my husband at home is always a good thing, but today he was feeling well, wasn't totally exhausted despite his present work schedule and he woke up early, feeling like getting something done around here.

By 8:30am we had all the bottles and cans in the vehicle to take to the recycling depot, as well as 3 or 4 old computers that have been taking up space in the basement and getting in our way of tidying up down there.  It was crazy busy at the depot, but we got into line and persevered until it was our turn.  We walked away with over sixty dollars, which we used to purchase a few grocery items at the new Superstore.  It was nice to have a little tour of the place, but the parking situation wasn't the best, even for a relatively slow Monday morning.  The store is in a complex with quite a few other businesses...including three parking must be quite an issue on weekends when all those businesses are particularly busy.

Then we took a trip to the Indian grocery we most like shopping at, but discovered it is now closed on Mondays. Good to know. Buying some decent "every day" tea will have to wait for another time. 

Off to the car wash, which mercifully was the most uncrowded we have ever seen it.  My husband was able to drive right into a booth and spend extra time sponging off dead insects from the front bumper and windshield before he started the coin wash.  No one else came looking to use the booth the whole time we were there.  It was great to feel unhurried and not be stressed due to keeping someone else waiting.

Another grocery store stop on the way home which netted us a big fat zero for purchases and we were back home by 10:30am, all the day's chores completed!!

We spent some time planning holidays, made a simple lunch and then I went for a walk while my husband was setting up the work project he wanted my help with.  A glitch with the info we had to use kept us at it substantially longer than anticipated, but eventually everything got sorted and we had good success.  I so enjoyed it.

Then it was nap time for my husband and video game time for me.  He was able to reinstall an old game set I used to enjoy that got completely fouled up when my last computer crashed, so I have been having a great time playing it and getting caught up to where I was prior to the crash.  Like most of the games I enjoy, the Jewel Quest games are just tic tac toe with some twists, but it is good mindless entertainment for me when I need a rest.

At about 6pm we decided we didn't feel like cooking so it was off to try a Chinese food restaurant we have never been to before. My husband was craving tofu and stir fried veggies and we ended up with a great choice in eateries:  Lang's on Broad Street near 11Ave.  I think it has been there since the time of Noah's ark! Seriously!  It is one of the last remaining open businesses in an ancient block of brick storefronts, most of them now empty.  It looks like a dump!  It looks like a place where the many old "rubbies" in the area would hang out after panhandling sufficient funds for a cup of coffee.  We weren't sure we even wanted to go inside, but the place has good food reviews, so........

What a pleasant surprise!  The interior is clean, renovated within the past 10 years and the menu is extensive, with a good combination of both western Chinese and Thai dishes.  My husband had stir fried veggies with tofu in a slightly sweet sauce and some decent steamed rice. The rice was a bit dry, but after eating plates of gooey steamed rice in other Chinese restaurants it was actually kind of a treat. The flavour was pretty good.  I ordered the chicken curry.  As it turned out it is a different curry than the one on the feature menu, although in the photos they look to be similar. Fortunately for my cholesterol, I ordered the one that does not use heavy cream and peanut sauce, although I suspect the one I did order was bad enough, so I made sure not to eat it all and brought enough home for my husband's lunch tomorrow.  The chicken was a bit chewy, but very flavourful. The peppers and onions and baby corns and celery pieces were all very fresh and properly cooked. The flavour of the curry sauce was amazing!  I spooned it liberally over the portion of rice I allowed myself and ate the mixture with a huge spoon! DELISH!!  I suspect my huband's original intention was to bring a larger portion of his own meal home than he actually did, but it was so delicious he just had to have a few extra bites before we left the restaurant. hahaha  The jasmine tea was mild and tasty and a good accompaniment to my slightly spicy curry.  The wait service was excellent. So are the prices!!  I don't remember the last time the two of us ate dinner for under thirty dollars and had so much food to enjoy!

Definitely we will return there the next time we are in the mood for western style Chinese/Thai food. 

We came home to watch some tv. I exercised that rice and curry sauce off for a full hour!

It has been a nearly perfect day together.  For the moment the outside of the car is clean and tomorrow I will detail the inside so it is ready for holidays.  I am glad my parents will finally get to see and ride in it as they were amost more excited than we were when we bought it.

Today all has been well in our little world.

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