Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Muscular Victory Pour Moi!!

Before I broke my hip I most often sat on the sofa with my legs tucked up under me, resting on my left hip.  Since I broke that darned hip 20 months ago now, I have not been able to do anything at all similar to such a pose because of the muscle pain.  They have been so slow to recover and that darned pin head sticking up into them has irritated them from the start.

Well, last night I was tired and cranky and decided it was time to try out that pose to see what would happen.  I felt kind of rebellious and defiant...why I don't have any idea, but I did.  It was like I was daring those muscles to give me the expected terrible shot of pain that can leave me gasping for breath for the next minute or two. Surprisingly, not only was there no pain as I tucked my knees up and rotated onto that hip, the muscles actually moved well in that direction and I found myself assuming the old tv watching position!

Admittedly I was only able to sustain it for less than a minute because of the extreme muscular discomfort, BUT I DID IT!!  There were no shooting pains, there was no cramping up to leave me stuck in that position until my husband came racing down the stairs to answer my panicked shrieking and untuck my knees for me..and yes, he has had to do that on previous occasions, which is why I never try any sort of "new" muscle position post-surgery if I am home alone.  

I have decided to start attempting that position once per day, 5 days a week and at the end of the first week I will regularly start adding another 10 seconds per session per week onto the time I try to hold it.  It will be like a physiotherapy exercise for me to see if I can calm those muscles down once they have the pin head sticking into them with that much weight behind it.  The experiment may not succeed, but I am going to at least try.  It is amazing to me that I could do it at all after accepting last year that I have probably lost a certain amount of joint rotation and muscle tone in that hip area. 

Good, a new physical fitness goal to work on that is more "fun" than the attempts to seriously lower my cholesterol! hahaha 

It is a beautiful sunny day today, not too hot, but the wind is howling.
H-O-W-L-I-N-G!!!  I just took my bin of cardboard outside to the collection bin and some of it blew out, so I got my morning exercise chasing pieces of cardboard across the parking lot and lawns....more encouragement about my level of physical fitness in that I was able to recapture all the pieces by running after them (YES! RUNNING! MOI was RUNNING!!) and was not winded on the way back to the suite!  YIPPEE!! 

I hope the rest of the day is as encouraging as this morning has been so far.  I am waiting this week to see if my doctor contacts me to come into the office for some test results.  If I don't hear from her this week I am not sure when I can stop thinking about it and assume all is well. She should have results when she goes into the office today...assuming she is working this week...o how I detest this limbo land of waiting when it comes to medical tests.  

As I see myself aging and realize that for that reason alone I will likely be spending more time at the doctor than in younger years, I am trying to convince myself not to fret over test results. Either things will be okay or they won't. If there is a problem either I will be able to get help or I won't.  Either it will be a big deal or it won't.  That kind of logic calms me down during the Limbo Land Excursions!

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