Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Nice Summer Beer

My husband has never been one for flavoured beer.  He says the very idea give him "the willies", haha. Recently however, a friend introduced him to a citrus ale made by Great Western brewing company in Saskatoon: Radler Grapefruit Orange Light Beer.    He was suprised to discover he rather enjoys it and yesterday he brought home a couple of cans from the store.  Tonight I drank the feeble 1/4 cup that I am allowed to have and o is REALLY tasty!  The taste is crisp and light, the citrus flavour strong enough to taste but not strong enough to overpower the flavour of the ale.  We also like the lower alcohol content.  I have not missed beer since my diabetes diagnosis, but I am all ready planning to have a 1/4 cup of this delicious refresher once a month this summer on a really hot day!  


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