Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Rather Decent Sunday!

Today was a pretty good day, despite the seemingly never ending gale force winds of this week that continued howling today.

My husband took the service at our most recent former parish and it was fun to see everyone.  I have not been there in 6 weeks and it was a good thing to receive hugs and see smiling faces when I arrived....always a nice feeling to know I have been missed.  It was fun chatting with everyone at coffee hour afterward.  My husband tweaked his Ascension service sermon from last week and the new section was certainly pertinent to where this morning's congregation is at.  As one lady said to him afterward, "You are so animated and enthusiastic all the time when you preach that it makes me enthusiastic as well and makes me want to do all the things you talk about that we as Christians are supposed to do."  I was pleased for my husband to receive such a good report on his preaching skills.  A minister can preach every week for months on end sometimes and never know if anyone is really listening or cares about what is being said. That one encouragement will last my husband for a good long time.  

We went out for a salad lunch afterward at Original Joe's.  They are certainly consistent and as much as it irritates my husband to have to compliment any chain restaurant, teehee, he does have to admit he enjoys his meals there every time.

At home it was time for reading and a nap.  I did a little post-prandial exercise while my husband was sleeping, then grabbed my book and headed for the couch for a good long read. Two afternoons in a row have seen me reading in the living room. I almost never read books anytime other than after crawling into bed at night so I wasn't surprised that not long after I sat down I fell asleep! When I woke up I remembered why I try not to nap during the day....I feel ill for a good hour afterward, have all my life after an afternoon nap.  Anyway, I snapped out of it in time to make a dinner fit for a pair who are on low salt, low carbs, low cholesterol diets...ergo, a meal that was about as boring as sin, sigh....but we enjoyed it because we slathered some of our friend's home made kimchi all over it! hahaha  Boiled carrots with no salt or butter, a slice of dry bread and a bit of hot chicken made a wonderful base for the kimchi!  

For "dessert" we went for a walk over to my husband's office to retrieve some paperwork for a project I am going to assist him with here at home tomorrow.  It involves adding up several great long lists of numbers and I am a lot faster at doing that than his somewhat dyslexic self.  Doing it will help him and make me feel useful at the same time.  I can have it done in less than a half hour I am sure. I had my first tour of some of the renovations being done inside the building. Working around the heritage designation can be tricky, but they are managing to accomplish what needs to be done to maintain useable office space while sticking to the heritage committee rules. On the walk home we got a bit damp as the north wind blew in a few rain drops, but it seemed localized to only a couple of streets as we started back.  We walked right out of it and spent the last 8 minutes drying out in the continuing winds. The canker worms and tent caterpillers are starting to show up on the sidewalks and in the grass, so now there are new "squishy things" to watch out for when walking, not just bird poop.

The sun has been shining all day, with just a few rain clouds hovering about to the north. We had a bit of rainfall in the late afternoon that drew a fair number of geese to the puddles in our parking lot.  Two of the couples with goslings that we rarely see in our court showed up this evening....11 goslings in all. They have grown a lot in the past week. They are still rather downy, but are much taller and rounder in the body.  One of the neighbours was feeding them big chunks of white bread...God protect their digestive systems...please....but the parent geese saw us standing on our deck watching them, so none of them came very close to our place.  As of right now they have hightailed it back to one of the other courts and the path to our car remains poop free! YAY!  All that arm flapping and running toward them is paying least with the "regulars".  They have started cutting a wide berth around our entire building now whether we are outside or not.  I keep telling the neighbours it is possible to significantly reduce the number of trips the geese make past our places if they are willing to do what my husband and I are doing, but they think it looks silly so they don't bother. Of course it looks silly, but we don't care. We care more about developing lung disease from the dried poo blowing in the wind than about looking silly. We are too old now to care what other people think. What freedom there is in that!

Well, another day is nearly done.  Tomorrow is detailing the car day, along with taking in the recycling if we wake up in time to go early before the depot gets crowded. We also need to book the last of our hotels for our travels next month. Although it is technically my husband's one day off this week, he will be plenty busy. Me too!  YAY!!

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