Monday, May 8, 2017

A Warm Visit On a Chilly Day

So, back to the cold and rain for a day here.  That is okay.  The moisture won't hurt much right now, particularly after 3 days of gleaming sun and unseasonably warm temperatures.  Not sure how the farmers around the city are faring in terms of seeding.  I know up where we used to live they are in a bind because the weather wasn't conducive last fall to taking off all the crop and now a lot of it is still standing because there hasn't been sufficient drying out of the land to take it off, cultivate and reseed this year's crop.  Once I again I am in deep gratitude that I am not a farmer and am not married to one!  The stress would do me in every year.

Just returned from a delicious salad lunch at the Fireside Bistro.  I had a caesar salad, easy on the dressing and grated fresh parmesan, with a sliced, grilled chicken breast on top and it was very tasty and very reasonably priced.  I supposedly had the small size, but it was more than big enough for one person.  Fireside is one of the few places still automatically including some garlic bread, or in this case a small garlic ciabatta bun, with the salad.  I quite enjoyed it.  

Even better than the food was the company.  My lunch was a gift from our choir director to thank me for filling in for her that one time this term.  How kind.  It was completely unnecessary, but I appreciated her wanting to do it.  We had so much fun chatting about our lives, our problems, our families, our health, was really great for me to have that opportunity to socialize with someone new.  I hope she enjoyed the visit as much as I did.  Her vocal jazz group, Cadence, is performing the evening of June 6 at Artful Dodger so, since my birthday is the next day that is where my husband and I will go to celebrate.  We don't have to eat the miserable food there, we can just go for a glass of wine after dinner and listen to the group perform.  Jazz and my birthday celebration...a perfect combo!  YES!!  Plus my husband starts his holidays about that time so we can stay up as late as we want listening to the music without worrying about him having to get up early for work.  PERFECT!

The rest of the day is stretching out before me and I am not sure how to spend it exactly.  Although it is my husband's day off he is very tired from the long distance drive yesterday and some new work related stresses that were brought to his attention far too close to bed time last night and again this morning.  He is vegging in front of the tv and then is running to his computer every whipstitch to write down some new idea for the paper he is finishing up from his study leave.  So, he is looked after but I am not sure what to do next.  If it wasn't raining there is a walk of quite a few blocks I would like to take to a small community library box. I have some books I would like to drop off there to contribute to the cause...relatively decent books that would not benefit from being rained upon along the route.

Well, best see what I can come up with for spending a productive afternoon.

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