Monday, May 1, 2017

Amazing Prayer Answers For Lee!!!

  • Here is an update from my friend to share the glorious answers to prayer for her nephew Lee!  THANK YOU FOR PRAYING THUS FAR AND THANKS FOR CONTINUING TO PRAY AS THE SPIRIT LEADS!

  • My friend contacted a friend of hers who works with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in international relations.
  • That woman contacted a second woman who lives right in the city where Lee has been hospitalized and it turns out my friend actually knows this woman as well...they used to work together years ago!  WOW!  The woman also knows several of the people who work at the Canadian Consulate there.

  • My friend got this woman in touch with Lee's Mom and through their communications the woman was able to contact Lee, and post videotaped messages from him to his family on a site where they could see and hear how he is really doing.  There is a chance he will never remember what happened to him.

  • She was able to get the paperwork going to replace Lee's passport.

  • She met his parents when they arrived in Thailand and got them to the hospital where they were able to have Lee released.  She has fed them, booked them into a hotel and given them great ideas of how to safely spend their time over the next week while Lee's new passport is being finalized.

  • They are supposed to be able to fly back to Canada on May 8th.  PLEASE pray this will be possible, that Lee's passport will indeed be ready by then.
  • Please ask God to bless "Launna" in her work and ministry in Thailand. She has reunited a family and quite possibly saved Lee's life. 

  • Hallelujah!  Thanks be to God!!

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