Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cold But Happy

It was fanastic to have the chance to get out of here yesterday!  My husband needed a break from the constant studying and writing before he returns to work today so we took the car into the shop for a tire change, new light bulbs and windshield wipers, a transmission flush and an oil change.  

We had a good time wandering around town on foot for a few hours while we were waiting, but O MY GOODNESS IT WAS A COLD, WET DAY!  We spent 6 hours wandering about with our coats done up, warm caps on our heads and wearing mittens!  ON MAY FIRST!!!!  Yikes!

In order to stay warm and at least somewhat dry we made several prolongued stops along our walking route: a coffee shop with soft, comfy chairs for a steaming hot London Fog, a second hand book store with an owner we are friends with and who always has time to chat with us...for an hour!!...a thrift store for my husband to locate some brand new loss leader caps for summer driving, a Vietnamese restaurant for plates of boiling hot chicken and veggie stir fry, a public library for a couple of hours of reading and perusing books and magazines.   We have not been that happy to pick up our car from the shop in a long time!  BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!  My hair fuzzed out like a '70's afro.  There's a look I can live without!

I did find the cutest pair of shoes at the thrift store...brand new....for a wee tiny girl, so I hope someone we know has a baby daughter soon so that I can gift them to her.  I couldn't resist them. They are dark neon pink sparklers with a tiny bow and ankle straps.  For $2.50 I had to have them to give to someone.  They are brand new and the cutest wee girl shoes ever! hahaha  Silly to purchase them but no doubt someone we know, or who live  here in the complex, will have a use for them soon.

As it turned out we discovered we still had over $140 credit at the book store from a big load of books we dropped off there 2 years ago.  We had no idea he had done so well selling our old theological textbooks and the like.  So now we have only $103 credit remaining because yes, we did bring home some more books to read.  I picked up a couple of biographies: Julie Andrews and Patty Boyd and a Hell's Angel. (No, I am not going to tell you why I selected that last one, teehee.)  I am tired of novels as they seem to go from bad to worse to blatantly ridiculous and my mind is too tired for any more textbooks or philosophical treatises at the moment.  However much truth or fiction is included in the biographies at least I am reading about actual living beings. 

In the midst of my excitement about the prayer answers for Lee and his family I received the news that another friend of mine, Christopher, has discovered a lump in a place on his body where it ought not to be.  It may not indicate any serious problem, but then again it certainly could as he has been having some other so far undiagnosed health issues in recent months.  Should you feel so motivated, a prayer for his health would be most appreciated by himself and his family. Thank you.  He is awaiting appointments with the appropriate specialists for more testing and a diagnosis.

It is still chilly today with a dash of fog.  Thankfully it seems this fog is a precurser to better weather.  By the weekend we should be over +25C for day time highs and I am SO looking forward to that....at last!  SPRING!!  Proper weather is finally on its way!

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