Friday, May 19, 2017

Day One...Over and Done!

If the rest of the weekend goes as well as today did I will indeed be one happy camper!  YAY!!

I hung around  home this morning until the mailman arrived with NO mail for me, not even the phone bill, so scrapped the idea of including a side trip to the bank on my long walk today, got myself dressed and ready and headed out for Cathedral district.  The great news to me is that my thigh muscles are finally healed sufficiently to  up my walking pace considerably over last summer and I made the trip in just under 40 minutes!  YIPPEE!!  The weather was perfect for walking: only about +15C when I left home, with just the hint of a chilly breeze.  I wore no coat, no sweater, just a short sleeved tee shirt and comfy cotton pants!  Decided to wear my proper walking shoes rather than my newish sandals.  I would prefer to keep them fresh and clean as long as possible while waiting for the hot summer weather when I will need them on to keep my feet cool.

The wind got up about a half dozen blocks from my destination lunch venue of choice, just enough wind to coat my bare arms with dust and whatever in that dust covers me with teensy red hives, but they disappeared after my first 10 minutes in Mercury Diner.  I decided to give the place a second chance after being extremely disappointed the first time I ate there a few months ago.  Well.......this time was no different.  The price was scandalous for the plain, not so terrific meal I ordered.  The grilled chicken burger was served on a rather stale white bun and the chicken breast was the skinniest piece of meat I have ever laid eyes on.  Sigh....  The good part was that the only condiments on the burger were a slice of tomato, two good sized slices of dill pickle, and barely enough mayo to be bothered with.  The bun wasn't even the butter and mayo count were perfect for my cholesterol count!  I ordered a side salad with it and no dressing.  The lettuce was rather wilted in my little dish of salad and there was only 1 tomato wedge on top, but at least there were some good sized bits of grated carrot and purple cabbage so it was tasty enough.  A bottle of diet Coke was all I could find to have with the meal as I cannot tolerate the tap water rather meagre fare with tax still came to nearly twenty dollars...higway robbery in my opinion.  I can pay the same amount for a fresher, LARGE, salad at Zam's, filled with as many veggies as I want to order and it is loaded with chicken shwarama to the point where I don't need any bread or buns at all to be completely sated after eating it. On the way home after lunch I noticed a little place I missed seeing on the way into the neighbourhood: Bobbi-Jo's.  The small sandwich board outside was advertising falfal and feta wraps, so that tells me there may be something more satisfying for me to eat there than at Mercury Diner.  There really isn't anything wrong with the food at Mercury Diner, it just is less interesting than what my little heart desires!

After lunch I hoofed it across the street to the Bernard Callebaut chocolate shop and purchased some wildly expensive chocolate items to take to friends and family next month on our holiday travels.  It was so much fun picking out things I know they all will like.  I picked out a few individual chocolates for my husband and myself for a treat.  When he gets home he will have a nut cluster, a honey-anise and a white raisin-wine chocolate to try.  For myself I purchased an orange oil infused leaf of dark chocolate to eat as my dessert today, then over the next few days I will be having a mango-peppercorn chocolate, a  nutmeg orange chocolate and an apricot jelly-lavender chocolate.  How exciting!  They are pretty light on the sugar, these wee candies, so one a day for 3 days will not be a problem.  Since I am alone all weekend, I am treating myself! haha

I tried to purchase a new clergy shirt for my husband at Burns-Hanley, also located in the area, but they had only black, white and bishop's purple in stock in my husband's size. The pretty colours he wants were only in stock in smaller neck sizes.  Very disappointing, but he can go in and order what he wants there next week.

Across the street to Iannone's I went to check out the sandal selection once again. SCORE!  Their spring order finally arrived in its entirety and I had a decent selection of SAS brand to choose from.  I found a lovely antique brown pair, not at all the style I usually wear from SAS, but just as comfy and with a bit of gold iridescence.  YAY!  So, my summer footwear is complete!

It was a most satisfying walk home!  The wind really came up though and as I walked past the many huge old trees along the route I could feel that crazy hive rash starting up again.  As soon as I got home I lathered up my arms in warm water and soap and it was gone within ten minutes.  O my....what a nuisance.  At least it doesn't itch!  Never had such a thing until we moved to Saskatchewan...there is something in the dust here, some kind of pollen or farming chemical or something that drives me crazy all spring and summer as soon as I am around vegetation and the wind is blowing! is just so danged UGLY! and so NOTICEABLE!!

I had a nice rest once I got home.  I discovered an old colouring book and bag of felt pens I "played with" in desperation the winter I was stuck inside with the broken hip.  So, I coloured a picture instead of sleeping as I feel so wretchedly ill if I nap during the day.  That was a hoot!  I can't believe I used that as a time consumer when I was incapacitated, but at least it was a break from reading and emailing.

After dinner tonight I had another surge of energy so dusted all the venetian blinds, and around the inside of the window frames, then dusted and vacuumed my bedroom and the upstairs hallway and stair landing and dusted all the paintings and Japanese knicknacks upstairs. I cleaned all of our computers and the light fixtures in the ceilings, vacuummed the bathroom mat and the furnace vents.  So, at least some of the work is all ready done before I launch into the rest of it tomorrow.  I will feel like I really got away with something when I wake up in the morning and resume cleaning!  

So now it is nearly 10:30pm and I need to crawl into bed and do some reading.  If I go for a walk again tomorrow after cleaning I may do another long walk to the second hand bookstore as I am nearly out of reading material again.  Buuut, the store here is such a disorganized and filthy mess inside.  I would prefer going to Post Horizons in Moose Jaw, but have no way to get there. The used books there are expensive, but they are in great condition and the selection is more what I want. I don't have to sort through massive piles of dusty bodice rippers, desperately seeking something worth reading. Post Horizons is clean and well organized, so I am happy to pay the prices.  I can usually find what I want there in a very short time. 

Well...we shall see what Day Two of this long weekend brings!

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