Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day Two...All Through...Wahoo!!

I spent the better part of the day completing all the housecleaning after a bit of a sleep in this morning.  I finished up at about 4:30pm, ate an early dinner and did the minimum 40 minutes of exercise afterward.  After being on my feet all day cleaning I figured that was more than enough.  I did a lot of "extras" in today's cleaning and by dinner time I was rather tired.

Over dinner I watched the season finale of "The Blacklist" and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I will get to watch it again on Monday with my dear husband. Apparently History Channel is bringing back another season of our favourite "Alone" reality series starting June 8 or thereabout.  That is how I most enjoy outdoor survival experiences: vicariously through video recordings of other people actually doing it!  I also love "So You Think You Can Dance" as a fun summer show so I hope it is also on its way back to the screen.

After dinner and dishes clean up I decided finally to rent "La La Land" as so many people have told me I MUST see it. I have.  I have to say I am most grateful to have only paid $6.95 for a rental as it did indeed send me to la la land.  Snore...doze....snooze.....  Maybe I simply wasn't in the mood but it didn't exactly grab my attention.  There were some pleasantly forgettable tunes and a few bits of excellent jazz, but the dance sequences seemed rather aborted throughout the film, perhaps because the principle actors are not dancers?  They waltzed together rather nicely, but didn't do a lot else. There were amazing sets and costumes for the larger cast of dancers but they too didn't get to perform much. There was only one short complete routine during the opening sequence and that was about it. be honest I spent part of the time paging through a new biography I am about to start reading after writing this post.  To me the film was pretty much a "should have, could have, would have been" kind of film.  It was obvious what the writers and producers were trying to achieve, but in my opinion they didn't quite get close, but no cigar.  Whatever....I am happy so many other people got so much out of it and that it did so well.  At least there was no potty humour and not much in the way of profanity, no nudity....all pluses, but it was also rather insipid.  O well....

As far as being alone this weekend, thus far it has been a blast from the past:  I received a lovely phone call from friends in Vancouver Island and from Ontario and some delightful emails from my son and from other friends far was just like living in our last contact with "the faithfuls", yet nothing face to face for the entire last 2 days.  

I decided after I completed my housework to call my friend who was taking her driver's test this past week and if she passed, invite her over for a cup of tea.  I believe Ramadan starts next week and she won't be indulging in our usual cuppa' for the next few weeks until Ramadan ends.  In the process of trying to call her I accelerated to ludicrous speed on the whole experience of being alone all weekend: her cell phone number is no longer in service! hahahaha  I have no other way to reach her as I have no car of my own to drive all the way to her house to check in.

Okay Lord, for whatever reason this is not my weekend to socialize!  Okay, I get it, I get it all ready!   I will be interested to see if anything comes up in the morning to prevent me from getting to the nearest church service.  hahaha  That will be the next thing this weekend...........hahaha.

My husband called me again from the camp as he was getting ready for a very early bed time.  He and the volunteers all worked so hard today and he was exhausted.  Apparently he was going to tackle a large caulking project an hour before he called, but he remembered my warning to him to remember he isn't 20 any more and he is in bad shape physically as he hasn't started training yet for the late summer canoe trip, so he changed his mind about the caulking and will leave it until tomorrow. Good man!!

Well, time to go and read myself to sleep.  If I do miss church in the morning I have lots of laundry to do to keep myself busy for the day!

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