Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hi Son! 'Bye Son!

Tonight our son is booking his flight to Calgary to coincide with our visit there. The cost of the flight will be our goodbye gift to him because he is leaving July 1st for New York. He has apparently pinned down a reasonably priced place to live, his sublet is ready to move in and he will be finished with his job. He has arranged emergency health care coverage for the next year. Once he arrives it will be time to follow up some job possibilities. It is an exciting time. We are happy for him. We have all ready started praying his border crossing will go well. We have heard so many horror stories it is difficult not to feel paranoid. We are all just trusting God to work out the rest of the details. Finally he is able to follow his dream and see where it takes him. It has been quite a journey, now the next step...

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