Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Love It When Plans Seem To Be Working Out!

Things are coming together well for our holidays next month.  I am SO grateful.  Hotels are booked, friends are awaiting us, family are preparing lists of things we can do for them while we are together.

The whole month looked gloomy and boring up until the past couple of days when things started clicking into place.  To confirm our decision not to go to Vancouver this time around, our son contacted us yesterday to say he is likely going to leave for the States in July and will be working like a dog to train replacement personnel, getting subletters for his place, storage for his stuff and looking for a home in New York, all during the month of June. As much as he would like us to have our annual break by the ocean, once we admitted if he isn't available we aren't that interested in returning again to the coast so soon, he relaxed and is making plans to see us out here in the east on his way to the USA.  

The other neat thing that happened this morning is that the dread of that horribly monotonous drive from here to Calgary has been lifted.  Our former parish is in dire need of my husband's services the day before our holidays start, so we will be going there 2 days before the official start to our holiday season.  It means we can leave from there for Calgary on Day one of our holidays and take a much shorter route that has far less traffic and is at least somewhat easier on the eyes in terms of scenery.  We will pass through the Drumheller valley along the route and it is quite lovely there.  Slowly we are getting excited about the travel next month.   There are friends in Vancouver we will miss seeing, but we will have a chance to meet up this time with other old friends, in other places, who we haven't seen in several years.  

YIPPEE!! So far, so good........long may it last, right??? hahaha

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