Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jumping Around Like a Flea in a Fit!!

Yesterday a notice from our property management company arrived in the mail to let us know the water would be turned off here today between 8am and 4:30pm, to refrain from pouring any water down the drains, not to flush the toilets and to please "adjust your schedule accordingly."

Okay, no problem.  I could do my laundry/ironing on Thursday and Friday as planned and do the detailing of the car interior today, also as planned once I discovered today would be the last of the rain free days for working outside on it.  My husband and I filled up buckets with wash water, made certain we had sufficient bottled water to drink today, found a slop bucket and felt pretty prepared for me to be here with no running water for the daytime hours.

I headed out early this morning to do some banking, drove my husband to work and we giggled about the wonderful humour shown by his colleagues at a staff party last evening.  Returned home at about 10am expecting the water to be shut off and finding it still running just like usual.  Hmmmm.....could it be???  Hmmmmm....I wondered.  Sure enough, when I checked my mailbox there was a second notice from the management company letting us know that the date had changed for water cut off.  Now it is going to be tomorrow!

Drat!  It means I can't do the laundry then and I can't wait until Friday because we are heading out of town on Saturday and the clean clothes need to be ironed and hung up for a day prior to packing.  So, I detailed the vehicle before lunch as planned, quite happy that I was able to wash up properly afterward myself, then raced around collecting laundry from here, there and everywhere, hoping I hadn't missed something my husband desperately needs to be washed.  I don't enjoy doing laundry on a day as warm as this one because it heats up our suite so thoroughly, but at least now tomorrow I can do the ironing, not care if the water is off or on and it can rain outside as much as it wants to....IF it even comes before Friday. If it doesn't I will make a trip to the community library box after ironing and drop off some books I read over the past 2 weeks...quite a lovely walk under many old, fully leafed out tree branches. 

On Tuesday morning I thought I had my week planned out perfectly. Then I saw the forecast for rain at the end of the week and changed plans, then the first notice about water cut off arrived and I changed plans a second time, then the second notice about the water arrived and I changed plans again.  

Such is the life of a retired person....I have the freedom to change the details of daily life as necessary a good deal of the time. LOVE IT!! 

Did I mention the sweet time I had looking at and purchasing books at Chapters yesterday?  I have disciplined myself to rarely go near the place as there are too many interesting books and good deals to refrain from spending too much money every time I enter the building.  However, yesterday I calculated it would be just as inexpensive to shop there for a few books to read on holidays as it would be to use up gasoline by driving to the bookstore in Moose Jaw to utilize some of my credit dollars, wouldn't have to subsequently eat a restaurant lunch and purchase more pottery or what have you to make the trip worthwhile, plus I don't have to fight road construction between my home and Chapters like I would have to on the highway between here and Moose Jaw.  I ended up buying 5 books from Chapters at reasonable cost....oooh, brand new books!  I so rarely allow myself such a treat!  One of my favourite preparations for going on holidays is book shopping! It beats the heck out of laundry, packing and car detailing!!!

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