Saturday, May 13, 2017

Living in a Prairie Wind Tunnel

O my goodness it is windy outside!  The past two days have seen an onslaught of the infamous prairie winds.  I have to admit that while I find it fascinating, I also find it frustrating and annoying, particularly when I want or need to be outside walking here and there.  Like this morning: while I desperately need to wander over to the grocery store for some cereal, I find I am procrastinating...reading online newspapers I rarely read any more, wiping the dust bunnies from our computer screens and desks, blogging......

Our dress rehearsal last evening for our concert tonight was a wonderful time  until it was time to go home.  Walking into the wind to get to my vehicle was quite a balancing act and of course I was parked as far away from the doors of the building as possible! The wind is just as strong today and it kept both my husband and myself awake part of the night as we tried to decide if it was safe to remain upstairs in our creaking, swaying townhouse or if we should be running to the safety of the basement!

My husband had to go to a meeting out of town this morning so I hope it isn't a struggle to keep the car on the road...the one we have now is certainly heavier and easier to steer than our last little car.

Today I am conserving my energy for this evening's performance.  I made a couple of dumb goofs again last mind was too distracted by the death of my old aquaintance and by a letter we received yesterday from one of the Anglican bishops in the South Sudan.  

He wanted to let us know that as he was attending a conference last week, there were mass murders occuring at the hands of rebel forces only 15 kilometres away.  All the work he has gone to in attempting to prevent the old tribal schizms from flaring up here in North America seems destined to fail as social media contact between South Sudanese at home and here in Canada is resulting in schizms among the various tribal members here.  While, fortunately, there is no open warfare is devastating to all of us involved in that community on a local level to see the roots of hatred starting up again after so much time and effort has been put into the healing of centuries old tribal war induced wounds.  Blasted social media....sigh.....  There seem to be no answers on the horizon for the South Sudan and the impact here in Canada and the USA among the refugees from among the over 60 tribes who were able to relocate here is going to be devastating if something is not done soon to end the wars in their own country. What a horrible mess....and only one of the horrible messes going on world wide.  I expect our "white person" involvement is not going to be welcome much longer here in the city.  It makes me very sad, but I never stop praying for miracles because I have witnessed a few in my life.

Off to shower and get over to the grocery store for some exercise.  Tonight is the concert.  That will be all until September.  It is going to seem very odd not to see those people again for more than 3 months in a row and just as I was finally starting to make some friends.  Quite a number of them have lakeside cabins and will be gone for weeks at a time all summer.  I will miss them.

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