Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lovin' the Lilac Sheets!

I'm becoming "girlie" in my old age. Sigh....

Last night as I crawled into bed, sandwiched between my cripsy new lilac coloured bamboo sheets and covered over with my lilac, white and pink comforter, I felt like a princess.  Ooooh, what a calming feeling new sheets and spring design comforters give to me. It felt downright luxurious, decadent even, to be resting so comfortably, so relaxed, so happy.  The news from our son has taken me out of "limbo land" emotionally and we can all get on with whatever is going to happen over the summer during his transition out of Canada.  Thinking about his decision, there in my bed of lilac, lulled me right into the most peaceful night's sleep I have had in some time.

I came so close to cancelling my order of the sheets.  It took weeks and weeks for them to come and I decided it was getting too close to holiday expense time to bother with the new sheets, but I am so very glad I went ahead and bought them.   

Two new sets of sheets on my bed in the past two weeks....sigh.....does crawling into bed each night get any better than that?

Nope! Aaaaahhhhh...........

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