Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Amazingly Healthy Mom!

Mom is turning 90 in November.  She just completed a huge battery of tests and went in to the doctor the other day for her results.  Talk about encouraging!

Her remaining kidney we have all been so worried about has improved considerably.  The numbers she wanted to see for her creatine levels (35-107) have come down over the past 6 months from 100 to 87.  While that is still a bit high, it is a definite improvement and she is very encouraged to continue her daily water drinking regime. There is something about that generation that makes them struggle with the idea of consuming straight water, but mom has overcome it all and is seeing success for her efforts.  The rest of her lab work showed all numbers well within range.

The one area of concern is that the electrical system in her heart has failed a bit over the past year...related to her age, rather than any specific problem.  It is possible that in the next couple of years she may need a pacemaker.  I cannot believe her amazing new doctor would even consider that to be an option at her age and I am most grateful that he recognizes her otherwise incredible good health.  He has told her and dad what symptoms to watch for and what to do if they occur, so she can get to the hospital for an assessment and possible surgery. Even at that the doctor doesn't expect anything to happen in the immediate future, but how wonderful he has warned them about this.  I feel good too that for once in their lives they have shared the possible problem with me instead of withholding the information.

Tomorrow she has the last of her tests: a bone densitometry and an abdominal scan.  I am not worried about the bone densitometry, but I am somewhat concerned about the abdominal scan.  She has had issues her whole life, but no doctor has ever suggested a scan. For the moment she is off all wheat and dairy products to see if that calms lifelong problems.  Combined with the scan maybe she will get some answers and some help.

So, if all goes well with the scan results, my dear mom should be with us for a long time to come and feel pretty well in the process.  Lord willing........

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