Saturday, May 20, 2017

Not Mice After All!!

Several times over the past two weeks, right around the time we both head upstairs in the middle evening hours to get ready for bed and do some reading and emailing, we heard noises above our heads that we assumed immediately were due to a mouse or rat in the attic.  One of my dreads this weekend has been that the blasted thing would eat its way through the asbestos and through the ceilng drywall and fall into the suite, or that it would fall between the joists into the wall and eat its way in that way.  I HATE MICE!!  Also, I have no idea where my husband stored the traps when we moved in here with the mistaken idea that mice would not be a problem!  Duh!!

The one thing that puzzled both of us was that the noise and scrabbling about were not consistent.  They happened for about 10 minutes maxiumum every few evenings, with a few days in between, and never once during the day.

Well, last night it happened again, but I stopped long enough to listen more carefully to the sounds.  They were the same sounds as before, but didn't seem to be inside the attic...more on top of the I tossed on a housecoat and walked outside onto the front lawn to see if I could see anything unusual up there...maybe something that had been blown or tossed up there at some point, got stuck on a heat vent and made noise on the shingles depending on the wind direction. 

O my....there WAS something up there all right:  It was a big fat GOOSE!!!!!  I have never seen a goose scrambling around trying to keep its balance on any of the rooves of our complex buildings ever before.  This one's wide, flat, webbed feet were having quite a time getting a grip on the old shingles, what with the roof having quite a steep pitch to it, but the big fat bird was trying hard to keep its balance and stand up!!  O for heaven's sake!  

I laughed and laughed as it finally managed to get sufficient traction for a rather awkward take off back into the sky.

Dumb goose........ hahahahahaha


Susan Erlenbach said...

Hahaha! Too funny 😆

chris e. said...

Mystery solved, hurray!
I was woken up a few days ago by a scrabbling noise either behind or above my head. Squirrels in the attic? It seemed the most likely explanation. Of course, every time I got dear husband to listen the noise stopped. A couple of hours later we heard it again; it was either inside the wall or just on the other side. It turned out a sparrow had fallen down a downspout which takes a horizontal turn along the side of the house under the bedroom window and was trying to make its way back uphill to get out. We undid a few brackets, bashed the ancient aluminum downspout off--I can only imagine how loud it was for the poor bird--and the thing finally shot out.

Susan said...

Poor wee sparrow...good thing you figured it out and released it...but what a lot of work, not to mention damage to the downspout! Hope you were looking at replacing it before the bird fell in! No wonder you were awakened! hahaha

chris e. said...

No, no plans to replace anything to do with the roof till absolutely necessary--which is looking 'more necessary' each year! We got it back together; lots of experience with old aluminum eaves etc. at our old place, as you may remember. This stuff is actually in better shape.