Friday, May 19, 2017

Okay...So It's The Victoria Day Weekend...So.....Now What Happens?

My husband just left for his weekend of diocesan camp clean up down in Cypress Hills Park.  He and our vehicle are both gone for a few days and here I sit....hmmmm.....what kind of weekend is it going to turn out to be I wonder?

Later this morning I am going to wander over to Iannone's Shoes in the Cathedral district. Depending on whether or not the phone bill arrives today I may take an extra long walk to the bank near Cornwall Center to pay that as well.  Either way I am going to try to time it so I can take myself out for lunch!  Facing a rather long weekend alone I am going to treat myself whenever possible all weekend!  Other than that long walk I have not had any success in making any plans to see anyone this weekend, so if nothing else this townhouse is going to receive the best cleaning of its entire existence!  I did have a plan to return to our former parish for a Saturday funeral of a former parishioner but the plans fell through last night.

Earlier this week I made a list of all the people I know around here and did some research to find out what they were doing this long weekend so that I would at least have a few folk to call if I was home alone.  I ended up with a big fat zero as far as friends who are NOT away or otherwise occupied this weekend!  haha  One friend is in Victoria, one is in Vancouver, one is in Italy, one is in Trinidad, one is in Toronto, one is in Saskatoon, one is in Red Deer, three are away at various lakeside cabins preparing them for summer use, one is babysitting the grandkids, two are working, two live out of town and they are not able to get here any more than I am able to get there, a couple of more are home but have family/garden planting committments and on it goes!!  hahahaha  UNREAL!  I may wander over to St. Matthews church on Sunday morning because I can easily get there on foot, so that would get me out for half a day for worship.....with a group of folk I don't know at all.  hahaha's to whatever wonderful things are going to happen, whatever they turn out to be.

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