Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Passing Through.....

"We're all brothers and we're only passin' through....".
(Thank you Leonard Cohen!)

I was reminded of that song this week with the loss now of not only  one, but two friends.  Now an elderly parishioner from our last parish has passed on...a woman who dearly loved us, spent a lot of time with us and who cried when we had to tell her we were moving away.  She was 98 at the time of her death.  We will certainly miss her love and care of us.

Holiday plans kicked into higher gear today.  We have the guest suite booked at my parents' facility for the first week of our holiday and are just waiting to hear from friends in Lethbridge as to whether or not we can head there next for a couple of days.  If not, they may be able to meet us for an evening in Calgary instead while we are there.  My parents are very cute: so thrilled that I will be spending my birthday with them and are all ready planning bookings for fancy restaurant meals for the day. hahaha  Mom has a list of things she "needs" to buy that is several pages in length so I suspect we are going to spend every day driving around the city shopping. Hopefully I can get her alone for a few hours without Dad so we can talk about what is really going on with him and how she is feeling medically and about their lives in general.  My husband is great at taking care of Dad when Mom and I need an escape for a few hours. 

If all works out as planned we should have a week to 10 days at home before heading to Edmonton and area for the last week of holidays, so we can visit my husband's sister and her husband.  

I am amazed at the peace of mind we both have about not going to visit our son in Vancouver this time.  Usually that is the given and everyone and everything else has to wait until another time, but not this year.  Since our son has plans to stop to see us and his grandparents on his way to the States later in the summer, we feel free to admit we simply don't want to spend the money to return to the old haunts yet again, as much as we love going there.  It just feels right to take a year off. Perhaps it is because the 10 days we spent there last June were so absolutely perfect.  After all the times we have visited over the past 15 years, last year was the most fantastic time ever and perhaps that is a good way to end the holiday times on the west coast, at least for awhile.

Got my haircut today, followed by some window shopping to fill in the time afterward until it was noon and I could eat lunch at Zam Zam's.  O how I am enjoying those shawarma salads without the sauces and feta cheese.  PRAYING so hard that my cholesterol will come down sufficiently by July to be able to stay off the statins.  Of course my next tests are the week immediately following our holidays, a time when I have less control over my meals as a rule.  I guess this year I am just going to have to maintain a strict discipline and stick to salads and plates of hot cooked veggies with some protein and leave it at that.  At least I am enjoying eating good breads that don't have more than 2% saturated fats and no cholesterol and eating them without any butter or margarine.  

Tonight for dinner I was feeling uncreative and not much like preparing much of a meal, so I ate a big plate of hot veggies with a half a plain, boiled chicken breast and a tablespoon of picante sauce over the top.  Talk about simple....and simply delicious as well.

I have been curious as to how my sodium intake is doing as I have been suspcious that my ingestion has crept up in recent months, but once again today my BP at mid morning was 78/33, very average for me as when I am healthy it tends to be very low.  I think back to 3 years ago when it was up around 151/94 and can hardly believe it is back under control.  This afternoon it was in its usual mid day range of 116/74.  

I walked the 35 minutes downtown this morning, then sat for 40 minutes for a hair cut, then window shopped for 40 minutes, then sat for 20 minutes to eat lunch, then walked the 35 minutes home.  After dinner I talked to my parents for 45 minutes and was walking around and around the house the entire time.  Getting back to that kind of constant moving about now that my hip is better and my ankle is strong again, well, it is how I most enjoy life and it makes me feel great almost all the time.  The temperature for walking outside today was perfect: between +19C and +22C!  There was a bit of a breeze but for now the gale force winds are bothering someone else for a change!  The sun was shining in and around a bit of cloud cover so it wasn't too hot on my skin...what a perfect day!

Our relative with cancer is experiencing rather severe neuropathy in the hands and feet.  The doctor has cut the amount of one of the drugs by 25% in hopes that it will not worsen. During treatments and even at home, ice packs will be placed on the hands and feet to impede blood circulation to the nerve endings in the extremities in hopes that it will reduce the amount of poison in the chemo drugs from reaching those nerve endings.  If the neuropathy continues to worsen at the rate it has been happening, the damage could be permanent, so it is imperative to do all that is possible to prevent that. As a result, the extra 2 chemo treatments that were recently added into the schedule have been cancelled in order to preserve a decent quality of life without other permanent physical damage.  This doctor is extremely compassionate and understanding and has been marvellous with our relative.  We truly believe that God knows if the extra two treatments actually would have been  necessary and if not, then what a relief to have them cancelled. As things stand now, there should only be one more treatment after today's....in about 3 weeks. Praying that can truly be the end of it.

Although it isn't even 10pm yet I think I will go to bed now and read for awhile. All that fresh air and walking made me tired...a comfortable sort of tiredness that comes from good exercise and being out of doors in the spring.

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