Thursday, May 11, 2017

So Cute, So Incompetent

This afternoon a lovely college aged young lady arrived at my back door to inform me she had been sent by management to paint the back deck railings. Such a sweet very very careful not to slop paint all over the place.

She spent a long time on that set of railings, being so careful and so sweet and so sincere.

Unfortunately she had not been instructed to scrape off the flaking bits of old paint before applying the new. This was not a surprise. This type of building maintenance is typical of what goes on here, as you may remember from my previous building maintenance post about the replacement of our basement doorknob. hahahaha

I went out to have a look at the job after she was done, saw two coats of new paint over top of the old flaking paint on one side of the deck and one coat of new paint over top of the old flaking paint on the other side of the deck. That one coat of paint is so thin and will wear off so quickly that our deck will look like a zebra before the end of the summer once that one thin new coat has peeled off to reveal once again the dirt damaged wood underneath. hahahaha

I phoned my husband at work to warn him not to touch the railings when he comes home from work, he asked me if the old paint had been taken off first, knowing exactly what my answer would be, heard my answer, along with the description of the two toned effect of one coat vs two coats, then started giggling uncontrollably! He could not stop laughing! Wait until he comes home and sees it for himself. He will have hysterics.

I am looking forward to having a total laugh extravaganza with him later this evening, hahahaha!

How we love this nutty rental situation, hahahaha!

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