Friday, May 26, 2017

So....the Boy Has Finally Made His Decision.......

Tonight we received the phone call from our son we have been expecting "any day" for the past few months:  this week he resigned from his position of 11 years in Vancouver and in July will be heading south of the border.  He will use his last few weeks of work to train personnel to replace himself and the former gallery director and then he is off.

Within a few hours of having handed in his resignation he found a reliable person to sublet his bachelor suite for the period of one year.  It is the same person who sublet the place for 6 months the last time our son was out of the country.  It means he won't have to store many of his belongings while he is gone.  Now he is getting ready to call his health care plan to set up emergency coverage and is figuring out the best way to see us before he leaves.  

We are going to miss him terribly and he is not the most faithful communicator at the best of about following in his father's footsteps!  haha  However, that is a detail we can work out with him. Friends of ours have not seen their adult children at all for the past 2 years as their kids have been working in a politically "difficult" country and could not return home before the end of their particular assignment. Their "kids" will be home for a few weeks this summer and then are returning to that rather scary place for another term.  At least our son is not anywhere near as far away as these people.  Communication will be far easier as well...when he remembers to communicate! 

Apart from knowing how desperately we will miss him, we are very excited that he has this chance to follow his dream.  He has given himself a pretty strict time line to decide if he is achieving the success he is after before returning home.  We are so proud of him for realizing that due to his age this certainly could be a "now or never" situation and what joy that he is going to give it a try.  He has all ready succeeded in our eyes simply by being brave enough to ditch his current, rather happy, life circumstance and take on a huge challenge. His father took on this big a change at the age of 50 and our son is considerably younger than that, so he has time to recover and re-establish himself back at home if things go awry. 

Congratulations son on your momentous decision to take a big step out in faith.  May the Lord continue to grant you peace and may you continue to enjoy every step in your life's journey!

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