Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spring Concert

Last night our choir sang its spring concert, our last of this season's performances.  It was a lot of fun and, according to my husband, had only a couple of small glitches.  What a relief.  He knows what it is like to have to work with volunteer adults and so he has a lot of empathy with our director.  One huge improvement was the performance venue.  Instead of singing in a grungy church basement we were in a large, airy space with lots of room to put up the tables for the intermission cake and fruit break.  While it was a lot of work toting heavy chairs out of the space and replacing them with tables and lighter chairs, reversing the process after the concert, vaccuming what seemed like miles and miles of carpet after the audience left and replacing all the heavy chairs in just the right spots, washing dishes, wiping and folding tablecloths, putting up and taking down decorations, emptying garbage bins etc., it was worth every minute of it.  We had a happy audience and we had the joy of knowing we finally were singing in a place with decent accoustics.  Our director and musicians are such a great help to our ragtag group of singers!

This morning I feel like I have been run over by a truck, so the meal I am going to prepare for our company tonight is becoming simpler by the minute, haha.  Fortunately they are good friends who are easy to please!  YAY!!  What was I thinking setting up a dinner party the night after a choir concert? hahaha  I guess it is partly because I knew it would be our last opportunity before our friends enter the season of Ramadan.  We won't likely get together much during that time since all our get togethers so far have been centered around food! haha

Tomorrow morning we have early appointments at the bank and possibly we will clear the recycling bins out of the basement...we have bottles, cans, old computers and other recycleables up the Wahzoo!  hahaha  Once we get things cleared out we may actually have enough open space to run the vacuum and do some general clean up down there!

My husband needs me to do some typing for him right now.  Yesterday he had a mini-tragedy as, despite his careful attempts at transferring some computer files, he accidentally over wrote the last few days of writing for his study leave final paper. He does have some decent written notes though so I am going to type as he dictates.  I wish he would do that all the time as it is so much faster than him trying to "hunt and peck" his way around the keyboard for hours at a time to accomplish very little in comparison to what we can do together.  His dyslexia is mild, but it certainly shows up when he is keyboarding.

The sun is out, the sky is finally blue again after a chilly, rainy week and I am looking forward to what the coming week will bring us.

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