Thursday, May 11, 2017

Such Tragedies

I am feeling overwhelmed this morning by the tragedies other friends are experiencing. So much sadness.....

One dear friend who has not been home long after her annual vacation to see family in Trinidad, is returning there this weekend to attend to funeral arrangement for an elderly cousin. Several days ago the cousin lost her life in a fire that burned her home to the ground.  The cousin lived in a suite above an ice cream shop, where the fire originated. My friend will be helping one other relative make the arrangements and also do anything possible to assist the police in the criminal arson investigation. 

Another old friend has been in hospital for several months. Originally she was admitted with meningitis, but instead of recovering she has gradually worsened. She can no longer talk, she cannot get out of bed, the light hurts her eyes, her brain tissue is badly inflamed and she has started having mini strokes. A biopsy of the lining of her brain is being scheduled. Her husband and son are beside themselves with worry. 

So many people are dealing with not only the circumstances of a particular tragedy, but also with the fear and worries that accompany such situations. 

In the case of my two friends there is strong faith in God to hold onto, but not every person who suffers has that strength to cling to.

I think I will spending a lot of time in prayer today.

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