Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sunshine...Warming Up At Last


Spent part of today grocery shopping and running other errands I let go while my husband was home on study leave.  When I left home I still had to wear a warm coat buttoned all the way up, but by the time I arrived home after lunch I had the coat right off and slung over my arm. 


As I walked to our back door from the parking lot I stopped to breathe in the, fresh, almost forgotten smell of our unit's freshly cut grass....until I sneezed, that is. hahaha

By this weekend it is supposed to be very warm and we shouldn't see any more rain for awhile.

Yesterday while we were wandering about town in the rain, the tree removal company came here and took out 3 of the remaining 4 trees in front of our unit.  The 4th tree is barely hanging on, but has sufficient new growth coming to keep it alive for this season I suppose.  Wow....there is now zero protection from the late afternoon sun streaming in our upstairs windows.  I am going to have to keep the blinds and drapes drawn every warm day, starting at noon at the latest. That is kind of depressing. Before leaks in the underground sprinkler system here left the tree roots sitting for the past 2 summers in deep underground pools of water that killed them off, the huge, thick branches kept the worst of the heat out and I could leave all the curtains open until just before dinner late in the day.  Guess this year I will be operating in the dark upstairs, but that is better than getting the intense heat buildup from leaving the curtains open all day.

Maybe we will see actual buds on the rest of the trees soon.

By tomorrow I should be able to wear short and cap sleeved tops and my summer jeans and ankle pants.


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