Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thank You SAS Sandals!!

I have just returned from my after lunch walk...75 minutes....the first real walk I have taken in my new SAS black strappy sandals.  As usual, no period of time required to "break them in" because SAS brand fits my feet so well.  All my life I have had trouble getting proper shoes because of my feet being width AAAA.  These sandals are wonderful.  Yippee!  They will get a lot of wear this spring and summer, that is for sure.  I can't get the other style and colour I want here in Regina, although I could order them in from the Texas manufacturers, but the sizes are different than the other brands of shoes I have had in recent years so I don't want to risk it.  Next time I am in Calgary I will go to the SAS outlet there and get the others.

The ones I wore today are a very different style than I purchased last time from SAS, but they are just as comfortable.  The bone spurs under my heels are happily sunk into the dip in the sole, so I don't need to worry about getting the semi-sandals with backs and sides so that I can use orthotics.

Good old SAS....again....

We are experiencing one gorgeous day here.  The temperature was in the double digits by noon today, there is only the slightest bit of breeze, the sky is getting bluer by the day....little white, puffy clouds are peppering the sky this afternoon.   I am so glad I can get out and walk.  

I wandered up to the postal outlet a few blocks away and got my Mothers Day card mailed.  Also sent out a request to my osteoporosis specialist to send in another letter of request for SK provincial medical to restore my "exception drug" status for my next round of osteo meds.  My annual permission to be covered runs out 3 days before my next appointment with the specialist, 6 days before my next injection.  I can't wait that long to apply for a new letter of permission because my insurance provider will need some weeks to look it all over and make sure I will still be covered.  So much paperwork and stress for 2 small annual injections...but it has to be done, so today was the day to get started. 

Our pensions have started arriving, so next week we have to get to the bank and start putting them into the proper sorts of accounts to avoid paying more income tax than we need to.  Life is getting more "paperwork complicated" at the wrong end of it! haha

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